Money Management Bundle


The Money Management Bundle

Everything you need to start managing your money better!

Includes 2 spreadsheets and 7 money management printable PDFs.

You can print these as many times as you like to help with your money management and budgeting.

Need a bit of help getting to grips with money management? This bundle will give you the tools you need to get started with:

  • Managing your money better.
  • Understanding your present money blocks and how to overcome them.
  • Developing good financial habits.
  • Becoming more self aware around how you personally handle your money.

Included in this digital download bundle:

  • My Budgeting Spreadsheet
    Complete with handy user guide. This spreadsheet can be downloaded onto your desktop/laptop or managed directly from your smartphone – whichever best suits you.
  • My Spending Analysis Spreadsheet
    Complete with handy user guide.
    This spreadsheet will help you to not only build the habit of tracking your spending which will promote self awareness around your current spending habits, but it will also analyse your spending into categories and provide a month on month reflection so that you can see where you spend the most and which areas you need to work on.
  • A printable Spending Tracker PDF
    If you prefer to record your spending with pen and paper (this can be used in conjunction with the spending analysis spreadsheet).
  • A printable ‘No Spend Day’ tracker PDF
    Set yourself targets for the month, or just see how often you are spending by monitoring days where you don’t spend.
  • A printable ‘Daily Bank Checker’ tracker PDF
    Develop the habit of checking your bank on a daily basis so that you stay in tune with your budget and pick up any discrepancies before they become an issue.
  • Printable Cash Envelopes PDF (5 different designs)
  • A printable ‘Wish List’ PDF
    When you feel tempted to buy something but you don’t have the money or not sure you want to commit to the spend, add it to your wishlist – you can use this to review at a later date and see if you still want the items on it in which case you can work them into your budget or save/side hustle for them. Or let people know what’s on your list when they ask for gift ideas.
  • A ‘Research’ printable PDF
    Planning a big spend? Do your research. Search different sites, see what cashback is available with each, whether you can get new customer discount for subscribing to the newsletter, whether there are any valid promo codes available or if student or NHS discount etc is offered.
  • Printable Savings Goals trackers (6 different designs)

Once downloaded, these can be used and reprinted as many times as you like.

Due to this being a digital product bundle, no refunds will be given.


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