Hello I’m Katie, I’m 29 and I live in South Wales with my husband Luke, our little girl Elise and our dog Raymond Reddington (Red).

KatieSaves is where I blog about making and saving money and about trying to organise and simplify my life. I want to share the ways in which I make extra money on top of my day job so that you can do the same. Any tricks I learn to better manage my time, cleaning and life hacks to make things easier and organisation tips to keep things in order – will all be shared with you here.

I’ve always been quite financially savvy. I work in Finance in my day job and I’ve always been very frugal minded, so naturally it’s quite a good subject for me to harp on about. Financial awareness and organisation go hand in hand (in my opinion) and I think with the want to take control of your finances comes the desire to overhaul your life in general.

When you take control of your finances you look at ways to reduce your spend. You’ll look at things like food waste and grocery bills and you’ll make a conscious effort to reduce the number of takeaways you have and to cook more meals at home which inevitably leads to a healthier lifestyle.

As you try to increase your income, you’ll look for items around the home to sell which leads to an urge to declutter and streamline your belongings. And that’s why I want to blog about both.

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Hi! I'm Katie

I started Katie Saves while on Maternity Leave to document our adjustment to living on less. Now back in work - I blog about all things money with a little life organisation thrown in for good measure. Join me!