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In March 2019, Asda introduced a trial for a new loyalty scheme called George Rewards.

Unfortunately, this loyalty scheme only applies to online purchases at George and not your regular grocery shopping at Asda.

However, you could still benefit from the scheme if you shop online at George. I personally, like to shop their baby clothing sales and occasionally their home-wares.

Even though I don’t shop there too often, I have joined the scheme anyway as there are lots of ways to collect points outside of just shopping.


What is the George Rewards Scheme?

Sign up to George Rewards and you will collect points against every online purchase.

These points can then be redeemed to unlock offers – such as 25% off knitwear or 25% off shoes.

For every £1 you spend, you’ll receive 1 point (excluding delivery charges) but there are other ways to earn George Rewards points too.

If you already have a George account you don’t need to register separately, you can just click ‘opt in’ on the George Rewards homepage.

You’ll receive a bonus of 100 points when you sign up.

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How Do You Earn George Rewards Points?

It’s not the most generous scheme in the world (but fairly typical of other loyalty programs).

For every £1 you spend, you’ll get 1 point (excluding delivery charges) and as already mentioned, you’ll receive a bonus of 100 points when you sign up.

But in addition to points earned while spending, there are also other ways to earn points.

Your points will expire 12 months after the month during which you last logged on.


Writing a Review

When you write a review, you will receive an additional 20 points.

How much you earn from this avenue will depends on your purchase history as it appears you can only write a review on products you have bought.

Log in to George Rewards, click on Earn Points, then Write a Review and you’ll access a page similar to the above which shows you the products available for you to review.

You have 6 months from when you made your purchase to leave your review.

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Adding Your Birthday

A nice quick and easy 20 points.

Just tell them your birth month and day and the points will be added to your account.

They don’t require your year of birth.

Using Click and Collect

As I mentioned earlier 1 point per £1 isn’t a great deal, particularly if like me, you rarely place an order for over £30!

However, if you opt to Click and Collect your order instead of home delivery, you’ll get an extra 25 points.

If you choose a longer click and collect window you can collect even more points, up to an extra 150.

Placing an Order Between 12am-12pm

I’m not really sure of the intention behind this one but if you place an order between midnight and midday you’ll get an extra 10 points.

It feels almost unethical to me as it’s encouraging shopping in the small hours – which a lot of people actually get themselves into trouble with.

But I suppose if you’re planning to make an order anyway, do it in the morning and bag your bonus points.

Referring a Friend

You can earn extra points when you refer a friend to join George Rewards.

You’ll get 50 points when your friend signs up and then a further 150 points when they place an order.

The referral programme is capped at 5 friends.

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How Do You Spend George Rewards Points?

When you have collected enough points, you’ll be able to redeem them against Rewards.


Unlocking your George Rewards

Log in to your George Rewards account and click ‘unlock rewards’.

You’ll then be shown the range of available awards, each with an expiry date displayed underneath.

To redeem, click on your chosen offer and a window with more detail will appear, you can then click redeem and activate the offer.

When you shop, eligible items will have a yellow offer bubble next to them and when you go to the checkout your discount will be applied automatically.

If you don’t use your offer in the timescale stated, your points will be re-credited to your balance.

Sale Items

Although you can collect points on sales item purchases, you cannot redeem rewards and use in conjunction with items already on sale.

Overall Thoughts on the George Rewards Scheme

This post was updated in May 2022 (2 years after it was first published) and the scheme doesn’t seem to have changed at all in that time.

In fact, the website still suggests it is in trial mode.

The only noticeable changes have been:

  • Changes to terms and conditions – points now expire a year from your last log in (previously 1 year from the date they were earned).
  • There are less rewards to redeem your points against. At time of writing there is only one reward available to me, and it’s a competition entry for the chance of winning £100 – which seems fairly pointless and hardly an incentive to spend!

When I initially wrote this post I said it’s worthwhile if you regularly shop there to be able to access discounts, however I really don’t feel that this scheme has made any progress since it was launched.

It has potential but I don’t think it’s worth it.

That said, I’d join anyway – that way you can still accumulate points on the off chance they improve the scheme in the future.

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This post may contain affiliate links. (read more)