Do Baby Clothes Sell On Ebay And Is It Worth It?

Dp baby clothes sell on ebay?
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Dp baby clothes sell on ebay?
Do baby clothes sell on eBay? The short and simple answer is yes. Almost ANYTHING sells on eBay – provided you get the price and presentation right.

I guess the better question to ask is, is it worth selling baby clothes on eBay? And that is completely down to the individual and their circumstances.

For me, unless you have a large quantity of ‘premium’ branded baby clothes then the best place to sell baby clothes is a car boot sale – you can shift large quantities in bulk albeit at a small price – I’d expect to get about 50p per item – but it’s the quickest way to get rid of it all and put your hands to cash quickly. That seems like a bit of a contradictory statement given that this post is all about selling baby clothes on eBay, doesn’t it?

However! I do appreciate that car boot sales aren’t a viable option to everyone – particularly if you’re on maternity leave and don’t have anyone to look after the baby while you go selling. For me, eBay is the better option for that situation – you can fit it in and around your baby’s schedule and do as much or as little work at a time as works for you.

And from personal experience, I have found that’s what works best for me. But as always there’s pros and cons to everything, so I’m not going to sit here and pretend there’s a secret formula to making a mint from selling baby clothes on eBay – there isn’t (not to my knowledge anyway!) but there are ways to secure better money for your items and to increase your chances of a sale.

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I’ve had various opinions on this through messages on Instagram, so let’s get the negatives out of the way first.

“It’s Not Worth the Effort”

Choosing to spend your time listing clothes for very little profit might not seem like a sensible idea to a lot of people. They’ll argue there’s better ways to make money quicker. I agree – there are. BUT it’s also really bloody hard to do these things when you’re looking after a baby. Trust me – I’ve tried matched betting when Elise was in bed, but found that I couldn’t concentrate properly because I was tired. Or I’d be trying to quickly get a bet matched on the exchange and she would wake up crying so I’d need to tend to her. Matched betting (and other more ‘valuable’ side hustles) require your full attention for long stretches of time, which can often be impossible if you’re home alone with a demanding baby. So believe me when I say that it’s stressful.

Ebay for me is much easier. I can take pictures when I have pockets of time – while she’s napping, while she’s happily playing or when she’s in bed. If I need to tend to her, it doesn’t matter – ebay will wait and I can pick back up where I left off later.

Ebay, in my opinion is one of the best ways to bring in extra money while you’re on maternity leave. It might seem like a lot of effort, but ultimately you need to decide what you prioritise.

If like me, you’re a mum with a young child, you’re on a small income and you need something to fit around the baby then this is perfect. No, you won’t become rich selling your baby clothes on ebay – but you will make money, and it all adds up.

How to Increase Your Chances of a Sale

Sort into Categories

Before you start listing, gather up all the old baby clothes you’re getting rid of and sort into categories. To start with I sorted into the following groups – dresses, tops, bottoms, complete outfits, vests, babygrows.

Once they were sorted into categories, I set about sorting each category into ages.

When you have a pile of clothes sorted by age and type of item, you can then decide what kind of listing you’re going to create.

Bundles or Individual Listings?

When deciding on what to bundle and what not to, I first look at vests and babygrows. I bundle all the vests of the same age bracket into one listing, and the same with babygrows. The only exception to this is quality brands and seasonal items.

For example, if I had a Joules or Ted Baker babygrow, I would list these individually. On the same vein, if I had a Christmas or Easter themed babygrow, I would also list these individually. People don’t tend to shop for individual vests or babygrows unless they are looking for something specific – I, myself have searched for quality branded babygrows because I didn’t want to pay full price. If you decided to sell all your Primark vests in separate listings, I doubt you would make a sale – but bundled together as a bulk listing, then you probably will.

It sounds more complicated than it is, but just use your own common sense and think about how you might shop if you were the buyer.

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How to Photograph

For all baby clothes, I lay a white sheet on the floor and photograph them flat. I don’t waste time ironing them – they’re small so you can usually smooth out the creases quite well.

I take a picture of the front, of the back and of the labels (brand, age and material).

If I’m selling a bundle, I will use a photo of all the items together as the main picture, but take individual photos of the rest of the bundle as well.

How to List

When creating the listing title think about keywords. Ensure that the age is in the title and the brand (if it’s a sought after one). Use the word ‘bundle’ (if applicable) and if the clothing has words or a notable design on it, put them in the title too – for example ‘Daddy’ ‘Mummy’ as people search for these for Mother/Father’s Day and Birthdays etc.

How to Describe the Item

Be honest. If it has wear or a stain – say so. If it comes up big or small compared to other brands – say so. You really don’t want to waste your time with returns for such low value sales. If you think something might be an issue, consider just donating instead.

How to Price the Item

I only use auctions for baby clothes and start all my listings low and realistically. Individual pieces I might start as low as 50p, nicer brands £1.50, bundles and complete outfits maybe £3. You can use finalfeecalc to work out the profit after fees, and as long as I make more than 50p/£1 (which is what I’d sell for at a boot sale) then I’m happy. Don’t put people off and overprice things. You can pick up lovely baby clothes so cheaply now from places like Primark and Morrisons that you really do need to be realistic about what you can get.

Postage Charges

Baby clothes are really light, especially individual pieces. What really winds me up is when I see a seller charging £2.90 (2nd class small parcel postage cost) for a baby Tshirt they have listed at 99p.

Don’t try to be clever and make money on postage. Baby clothes will go through the post as a large letter and cost between £0.83 and £1.72 dependent on the weight – so don’t charge excessively.

Other things to consider

I have a little note in my listings that I copy and paste into each one that tells potential buyers to look at my other items and that I combine postage. This has resulted in me selling several items to one buyer. You might also want to state that your items are from a smoke/pet free home if that is the case.

Understanding Fees – Ebay for Beginners

How Much Can You Make

The £1m question! It depends but here are some examples of sales I’ve made over the past fortnight. I am not selling any notable brands – all these clothes are basic and nothing special.

Bottoms for £3+P&P = £2.91 profit
Vest Bundle for £5.60+P&P = £4.26 profit
Babygrow Bundle for £0.99+P&P = £1.85 profit
Christmas Outfit for £0.99+P&P (in July!) = £0.27 profit
Vest for £1.50+P&P = £0.75 profit
Top for £0.99+P&P = £0.95 profit
Snowsuit for £4.50+P&P = £3.31 profit
Dress for £1.50+P&P = £1.57 profit
Dress for £2.50+P&P = £2.43 profit

So that’s £18.30 for 12 items (if you count the bundle items individually). Which averages at £1.50 an item… that you’d get 50p for at the car boot. And you definitely wouldn’t sell a bundle of 12 items on Facebook for £18.


If you’re in a position where money is tight then I would definitely recommend selling baby clothes on ebay. If you don’t really need the money, then you might decide it’s not worth it and that’s fine. For example, my fellow blogger and IG friend Emma won’t bother selling anything that will make her less than a fiver – I completely get it! But then her circumstances are different to mine and what might not be worth it to her, is to me.

Don’t be put off by people who say you’re wasting your time. I see it a lot with survey sites too. If you don’t think you’re wasting your time and you’re happy with the return for your efforts then ultimately, that’s all that matters.

Good luck selling Mamas!

Dp baby clothes sell on ebay?

Can you sell baby clothes on ebay?

Can you sell baby clothes on ebay?do baby clothes sell on ebay

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