Supermarket Loyalty Schemes – A Comprehensive Guide

supermarket loyalty schemes
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supermarket loyalty schemes

Food shopping is probably where most of us spend the majority of our disposable income each month. But it’s also a really easy area to focus on saving money. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your food shop, joining a supermarket loyalty scheme is a great way of getting more bang for your buck.

The Big 4 Supermarket Loyalty Schemes


george rewards

Although one of the largest supermarkets in the UK, Asda doesn’t have a loyalty scheme.

However, they do have George Rewards which is a rewards scheme for shopping online at

Read more here: George Rewards Loyalty Scheme at Asda



morrisons more

Morrisons More is Morrisons’ loyalty programme and it’s a good one!

For every £1 you spend in store or online, you’ll earn 5 points.

You’ll also earn 5 points for every litre of fuel spend at Morrisons’ petrol stations.

Once you’ve collected 5000 points, you’ll get a £5 voucher.

The great thing about Morrisons More, is that you can manage your rewards in the app – so if you ever forget to take your physical card to a store with you, you can scan the card on your phone (because lets be honest, no one ever forgets their phone do they?).

Better still is that Teachers and NHS Workers can get tailored offers AND 10% off every shop in store.



Arguably one of the most popular loyalty programs in the UK is Nectar – and whilst not restricted to Sainsbury’s the scheme is now owned by Sainsbury’s.

With relation to your groceries, you can earn 1 point for every £1 spent and if you download the Nectar app, you’ll receive personalised Sainsbury’s offers to earn bonus points on items you were probably going to buy anyway.

You can also collect 1 point per litre of fuel spend at Sainsbury’s petrol stations.

Not fuelling at Sainsbury’s? You can earn points at Esso Stations too (read this post: Earn Rewards with Esso Nectar and the Esso App for more information).

Like Morrisons, the Nectar app is really handy as you can manage your points as well as having a digital card on you at all times.

You can even link your Nectar account to other partners (including Argos and Ebay) to earn even more points.

500 points = £2.50 to spend in store at Sainsbury’s but you can also spend your rewards with a whole range of other partners.

Even if you don’t shop at Sainsbury’s – you should have a Nectar card.


tesco clubcard

Tesco Clubcard is another points based loyalty scheme. For every £1 spend in store and online, you’ll earn 1 point. On fuel, you’ll earn 1 point for every £2 spend.

150 points will get you a £1.50 voucher, but you can choose to save up and spend with their reward partners to maximise your voucher’s value.

For example, you can triple a voucher’s value if you choose to cash out in Pizza Express vouchers.

Again, Clubcard have an app, so you’re able to manage your rewards from your mobile and scan your digital card if you don’t want to carry your physical one with you.

The Budget Supermarket Loyalty Schemes


Aldi doesn’t currently offer a loyalty scheme and to be honest, given how cheap they are (not to mention how good the quality of their ranges are for their bargain prices) I don’t forsee them offering one anytime soon.

They have however, recently started offering a click and collect service – so who really knows?


lidl plus

Back last year, Lidl launched their rewards app  – The Lidl Plus App

Unlike the other schemes, you don’t collect points on your shopping.

Each week on a Thursday, the in-app offers will refresh and you’ll have a set of 4 coupons with offers tailored to you that you can use to save money.

For example – 15% off a particular brand of confectionary.

They also periodically drop money off vouchers into the app (e.g. £5 off a £25 spend) and every time you make a purchase, you win a scratchcard which could be worth a small sum of money to use on your next shop (e.g 20p)

On top of that, they have ‘coupon plus’ which allows you to unlock even more money off vouchers dependent on how much you’ve spent with them that month.

All you need to do is scan the app at the checkout.

For full details about the Lidl Plus App read this post: The Lidl Plus App – Get Discount Coupons and Money Off Your Shopping

Other Supermarket Loyalty Schemes


your booths card

The new Booths loyalty card allows you to earn 5% back on purchases of qualifying products (labelled with a gold piggy bank).

Vouchers are issued quarterly and when you hit £5 in your account.

In addition to the 5% back, you’ll also get a birthday treat, café offers and a money offer voucher for signing up.

The Co-operative Food

coop membership

Co-op membership costs £1 to join. You can earn 2p for every £1 spend on selected products.

You’ll also get access to exclusive member deals where specific products are marked down e.g. £2.50 instead of £4.95 for non-members.

And you’ll be able to select 2 personalised offers each week. e.g 25p off a specific product.


iceland bonus card

Bonus card is actually a savings scheme but it also has some additional perks and so I’ve included it in this list.

When you sign up for a bonus card online, you’ll receive a £2 welcome gift. For every £20 you save, they’ll give you £1.

So, if you added £2 a week to your card, you could have saved £109 by the end of the year – £104 saved and £5 in bonuses.

In addition to the savings bonus, you’ll also get:

  • Exclusive product discounts
  • Chances to win prizes
  • Free home delivery
  • A gift for your birthday.

You can check the balance of your card by logging in online, checking your till receipt or by asking a cashier in store.



Sparks is M&S’s new customer reward scheme and replaces their old points-based system.

Instead, you’ll receive:

  • personalised offers
  • a donation to the charity of your choice when you scan your card
  • surprise gifts
  • the chance to win your shopping for free when you scan your card

Download the app to keep track of your offers and to scan your digital card.



myWaitrose isn’t like other supermarket loyalty schemes as such, but signing up does offer you some perks.

  • Get a free hot drink when you make a purchase in store (bring your own reusable cup)
  • Get a free newspaper when you spend £10 or more
  • Get 20% off the Fish Counter on Fridays
  • Savings on everyday products each month
  • Plus other partner offers

And if you swipe your card at the checkout you’ll receive offers and money off coupons in the post.


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