September Side Hustle Income Report

September 30, 2018

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*This post may contain affiliate links.

I’m probably going to start every one of these with the same, ‘where the hell did that month go?’ sentence or a variation thereof, but honestly where did September go?
I’m back in work tomorrow (if ya know, I hadn’t already mentioned that before…) and I think the countdown to returning to work just made it whizz by all the more.

September was a big fat fail in a lot of respects, but I had wins in others so it wasn’t all bad, but anyways – on with the income report.

 Why Am I Reporting My Income?

To hold me accountable. So that in a few months time I can look back and hopefully see how far I’ve come. Because I love reading income reports (big or small) and because I know it’s human nature that we’re all inherently nosy and you probably love reading them too! To give me a chance to evaluate the month that has passed and think about which side hustles are worthwhile going forward, and which are not worth my time.

What Does This Report Include?

My monthly total will be the total cash I’ve actually received (including ebay profits – so sales after fees). You might have heard me mention before that I have two ebays – this report will only include my personal ebay sales.

I want to see how much extra physical cash I have in my pocket, so it will not include balances sat on survey sites as chances are, I might have given up on that site before even reaching the payout threshold.

September Side Income Total: £587.78 

eBay: £33.95
Surveys: £68.42
Matched Betting: £485.41


I mentioned last month that I had a few side hustles in the works – I haven’t really gotten started with those yet, so no income from that but I’ve put some of the foundations in place to hopefully get that moving soon.

With regards to my personal eBay, I just really didn’t have time so didn’t focus on that. I do still have loads and loads of stuff to list, so will continue to be slightly ambitious when I set next months target too.

Survey wise, the only reason that balance is as high as it is is because I reached the £50 payout threshold on one site last month, and received the cheque this month. Surveys have been a bit pants in all honesty. Prolific seems to have dried up, I get 80% through a Qmee survey only to be screened out and Curious Cat I’m lucky to even start one! Going forward I’ll be focussing a lot less on these as they’re just not worth the effort anymore.

And finally matched betting! We only started matched betting again this past weekend so to have such a high figure here is amazing, but I know we just got lucky with a few bets and that’s not going to happen all the time. However, we’ve been guaranteeing a solid £30odd profit here and there so my focus going forward will be matched betting, rather than surveys. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, I was reminded just how stressed I get with it and how meticulous record keeping is so important!
I’m thinking of writing a blog post about the pros and cons – I’m not going to write a guide to matched betting as I’m no expert and there’s a wealth of fab blog posts out there already written by members of the #debtfreecommunity

Overall it would’ve been a terrible month, if it wasn’t for the weekend of matched betting! Onwards and upwards though as always!

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