Rubbish You Didn’t Know You Could Sell on Ebay

rubbish you didn't know you could sell on ebay
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rubbish you didn't know you could sell on ebay

Rubbish That Sells on Ebay

I talk a lot about selling on eBay – it’s one of my favourite ways to bring in extra money. Even when you think you have sold everything you could possibly sell, take a closer look around your home and I guarantee you will find more.

I regularly declutter – if you read about my Declutter Project you will know that I am currently working through the house from top to bottom. So my selling pile (well, cupboard and some really…) doesn’t seem to be decreasing and I can’t see me running low on things to sell anytime soon – honestly, how do we accumulate so much?

But anyway, the point of this post is just a bit of fun really and to prove that anything really can sell on eBay. Granted, you won’t be able to retire early off the proceeds – but here are some unusual things that do sell on eBay – I’ve even included some actual sold listings as proof.

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So next time you are doing your recycling, check you’re not throwing away some extra pennies first!

Toilet Roll Tubes

These need to be sold in bulk to have any chance in selling them, and then they don’t go for much money – but empty toilet roll tubes?? I’m pretty sure they’re marketed as a craft item, I know lots of schools use them in projects.
I dread to think how much we actually use in a year – maybe I’ll try saving these up as an experiment.

Douwe Egbert Coffee Jars

Coffee is not cheap! Save your empty Douwe Egbert jars and get them listed. They’re high quality and lots of people use them for decanting and storing other food in there pantries.

Glass Jars

You can sell lots of mixed, clean empty jars as people use them for making their own jams, spreads and preserves and it can be cheaper than buying new ones.

Wine Bottles

Empty wine bottles appeal to the home brew crowd but are also used in wedding crafts. We personally asked friends and family to save bottles for us which we later spray painted gold and used as vases at our wedding.


Another item marketed to the craft crowd but again an item that needs to be sold in bulk. Looking on eBay, people seem to keep large empty squash bottles and collect corks in them and then sell when they’re full.

Shopping Bags

Not normal shopping bags, but the lovely gift bag styles you get from jewellery shops, underwear shops and designer clothes shops.

I’ve personally sold empty Pandora and Links of London bags – they go for a decent price too considering it’s literally just a shopping bag!

Jewellery Boxes

Following on from the above, when I used to have a Links of London charm bracelet and added a new charm to my collection, I would sell the empty boxes on eBay.

Empty Perfume Bottles

Certain brands command more resale value than others, but you can also job lot a random jumble of empty perfume bottles and see a sale.

Empty Lush Products

The empty black lush pots sell on ebay because Lush have a recycling scheme whereby you take 5 empty pots into store and receive a free face mask in exchange. Read the details here.

Empty MAC Products

Likewise, mac also have a similar packaging recycling scheme ‘Back to MAC’ where you can exchange 6 empty mac products for a full size lipstick. Details here.

Product Samples

Product samples for different cosmetics and facial care brands also tend to sell quite well, particularly the more expensive brands as it allows people to try the product without the commitment – or to buy a small amount without forking out a fortune.

Broken Electronics

They might be useless to you, but people often buy broken electronics to refurbish and sell on. GHDs, digital cameras, phones and laptops all sell well.

Worn Out Shoes

This one needs an entire post dedicated to it – believe it or not people will actually buy your old, smelly shoes for a premium! Some of the sold prices for a battered pair of £3 Primark pumps are insane. Obviously this isn’t for everyone, but if you have a strong stomach it’s worth a go. Emma Drew wrote a great post all about it here.

rubbish that sells on ebay

McDonalds Freebies

Certain McDonalds happy meal toys are in demand as buyers look to complete their collections. Remember the coca cola glasses? They sell too. AND McDonalds monopoly stickers when it’s running, plus the coffee stickers too!

rubbish that sells on ebay

Egg Cartons

Appealing to crafters,gardeners and people with chickens I guess! Cardboard egg carton bundles sell.

Bottle Caps

Another that needs to be sold in bulk, you probably need to collect in excess of 100 at least to see a sale.

rubbish that sells on ebay

Old Cables

We all have a drawer or box somewhere full of old cables we have no idea what they’re for, but there could be the right person out there searching for the exact one you don’t have a use for.

rubbish that sells on ebay

Empty Phone Boxes

Empty phones boxes sell well. People often hang on to them to sell the original product when they upgrade but some people (like me) just get rid – I think the sales here potentially come from the latter who are looking for original packaging to sell their old product in.

rubbish that sells on ebay

There are plenty more weird and wonderful items that sell on eBay. Let me know in the comments what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever sold!

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  1. This is such a useful post, it’s amazing what you can sell on Ebay! We have so many cables at home which we just want to throw away but I may try to tell them on Ebay now.

    1. katiesaves

      It’s worth a go! 🙂

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