My Favourite Ways to Make Extra Money

favourite ways to make extra money
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favourite ways to make extra money

Sometimes we all feel like there’s too much month at the end of the money and could do with a little income boost.

For me, ‘side hustling’ is a way of life – and all those little bits of extra income have helped us to survive on a small wage.

You don’t have to spend hours making extra money or trying to make thousands each month.

Sometimes just earning an extra £30 might take the pressure off and be one less bill for you to pay.

I’ve written about a whole host of different ways to make extra money, but these are my favourites that I do regularly.

These are the places I turn to first, when I need to boost my cash flow.


I’ve written an in-depth post about OhMyDosh! here, which you can refer to if you’re after details of how it works.

But essentially, it’s a ‘get paid to’ site that rewards you for completing offers such as signing up for free trials etc (always remember to cancel!).

They have a ‘lightning payout’ section which is full of offers which become payable in 3 days.

And their payout threshold is only £10 so it’s quite easy to reach quickly.

I love using OhMyDosh! Want to give it a go? Sign up using my referral link* and get £1 free to start you off with.

Read the full OhMyDosh! review here


OnePulse is a survey app but I love it because their surveys (or ‘pulses’) are a maximum of 3 questions long.

They pay you the same amount for each paid pulse (depending on your level) and you can set notifications to alert you when a paid pulse is available.

It won’t make you rich, but I regularly cash out and make between $10-15 a month for literally a few seconds effort.

Read the full OnePulse review here


Another survey site but probably the only one worth mentioning if I had to choose.

Prolific offers academic studies and is the fairest paying site, with plenty of opportunity to earn.

You’ll never been screened out, and the low cash out threshold of £5 means you can access your earnings pretty quickly.

Read the full Prolific review here


Cashback websites such as TopCashBack* and Quidco* offer you a percentage back of purchases you make.

So it’s essentially free money if you were planning on making a purchase anyway.

Never make any online purchase without checking TopCashBack* and Quidco* first.

Cashback is also available on large purchases such as insurance and mobile phone contracts – so make sure you’re not leaving free money on the table!

Not spending? Check out the free cashback offers for more ways to earn without having to buy anything.


Probably my favourite way to make extra money – eBay.

I am constantly decluttering and simplifying my belongings so why not try to make some money from it?

I mostly sell our old clothes and shoes, but I’ve sold all sorts of household items from books and DVDs to furniture.

There are lots of reasons people don’t like to sell on eBayhigh fees, hassle etc.

But in my personal opinion it’s better than the likes of Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree as the reach is just so much bigger and there’s more protection for both buyers and sellers.

Delve into my eBay archives here


The possibilities for making extra money are endless, but here are just a few of my favourites.

What are your favourite ways to make extra money?




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