Mummy’s Money #4 – Meet Claire from Daily Deals UK

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It’s been a while since we’ve had an edition of Mummy’s Money, but we’re back! And this week we’re talking to my fellow Welsh blogger Claire about maternity leave and money. Claire is a Money Saving Blogger at Daily Deals UK – The Money Saving Blog with a twist! Passionate about Personal Finance and helping people to live Frugally, Save Money and Cut Costs.

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Introduce Yourself

My name’s Claire, I’m 38 years young, from sunny Wales, mum of 5 and CEO of a web design & SEO company as well as owner/blogger at Daily Deals UK

How long after baby was born, did you return to work (if you did)?

I had my laptop with me in the hospital and was working the day after my c section from my hospital bed whilst the twins were down the ICU. I’m a self confessed work-a-holic and can never switch off. I’m also worried about how I’m seen in the eyes of colleagues, clients and competitors. Men don’t generally have to juggle the kids and work.

Did you change/reduce your hours?

No, I just worked later! I probably worked till around 1am most evenings for the first two years as I was so used to working long days, I felt like I was constantly having to catch up.

How did you prepare financially (if you did) for maternity leave?

Nothing really changed for me. Myself and partner are both self employed so we don’t have the luxury of maternity leave the way that employed people do. For us we simply had to juggle & struggle, especially with two extra mouths to feed, having time off simply wasn’t an option.

What was your biggest waste of money, baby related purchase?

I would say nothing really! As a money saving blogger and mum of 5, not only have I learned over the years how quickly children grow out of things but I know how to cut costs pretty well. The twins lived in baby-grows until they were one! We got as much stuff as possible second hand and the rest was bought for us.

The pram was a massive expense, but that was the one thing I wanted/needed that I wasn’t prepared to compromise on. Cheap twin prams are really ugly so I insisted on an egg, which cost around £1500 but did include lay back car seats as well as the pram and had plenty of use.

If it wasn’t twins, I would never have spent that much on a pram might I add!

Did you struggle with the drop in income?

No because I kept working throughout, but BOY did I struggle with the drop in sleep!

What would you/did you do differently, if you could do it all again?

I would have been sterilised at child number 3 haha.

Any advice for mums to be?

Don’t have more kids than your finances can handle, especially if you won’t get any maternity leave. Otherwise you will end up like me. Working from the time you get up till the time you go to bed and juggling everything else in between.

And finally, what is your favourite money saving tip? (doesn’t have to be baby related)

Follow as many Money Savings Bloggers, Deal & Voucher Code websites as you can on social media and set to see them first. I find absolutely loads of great deals and advice daily in my Facebook feed and I have usually finished Christmas, with massive savings by October every year.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking part Claire – I am seriously in awe!! If you’d like to get to know Claire better, you can follow her on social media.

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