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*This post may contain affiliate links.

This week on Mummy’s Money, we’re chatting to the lovely @mybudgetlifex. Her little girly is just a couple of days older than mine and we are returning to work at similar times too. Follow her on Instagram where she shares her debt free journey.

1.Introduce Yourself
I’m @mybudgetlifex, I’m 27 and have two little ones. My little boy is four and now goes to school and my little girl was born 12 days before Christmas.

2.How long after baby was born, did you return to work (if you did)?
I am due to return on 17th October (this mat leave has included 8 weeks of holidays to take)

3.Did you change/reduce your hours?
I am currently part time and only work 21 hours over three days, I find this works perfect for me. There is always overtime available so if I can find childcare I will do a few extra hours.

4.How did you prepare financially (if you did) for maternity leave?
I did and I didn’t. I worked a lot of overtime before I had the baby as my little boy had the free 30 hours childcare so I took advantage of the childcare. I ended up working a lot of hours extra and got extra money, but I didn’t save it I ended up spending it on rubbish. I could have planned so much better or paid some of my smaller debts off.

5.What was your biggest waste of money, baby related purchase?
A new pram, we still had my little boys and there was nothing wrong with it; however I was adamant I wanted a new one. The new one is awful, nothing compared to my old one!

6.Did you struggle with the drop in income?
Luckily the drop in income wasn’t too much for me, I think about £150. I also set up my own small business selling personalised gifts to earn some extra pennies.

7.What did you do to manage the drop in income?
As above I set up a small business, but I joined the amazing debt free community and picked up so many tips! Surveys, selling old items on eBay, a car boot and my favourite topcashback (think I have earned £300 since January!)

8.What would you/did you do differently, second time around?
I would definitely plan better e.g. meal plan, budget better but the most important thing probably just spend quality time with my little one, I feel sometimes I let it all get to me and as a result feel I missed out on a big part of her first year.

9.Any advice for mums to be?
Be savvy, there are so many amazing deals out there for new mums or mums to be such as Emma’s Diary. Also clothes wise, I got a large amount of my little girls clothes off eBay or preloved pages on instagram, also from outlets such as Next, GAP etc! But most importantly, savour every moment. You’ll click your fingers and they’ll be crawling, then walking then talking, then starting school. It goes so quickly and you wish you could relive it all.

10.And finally, what is your favourite money saving tip? (doesn’t have to be baby related)
The penny saver account! I have an account set up on my online banking and every night I log on and any pennies I have on my balance (example my balance is £79.67) then I transfer the pennies balance over (the £0.67) if there is no pennies then transfer a £1. It all adds up!


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