Mummy’s Money #1

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After sharing my own ‘Mummy’s Money’ story with you, I reached out on Instagram to the lovely Mummies there and asked if they would mind sharing their own maternity finance’s story with me. So this week, for the very first installment of ‘Mummy’s Money’ – I’m sharing the lovely Laura’s story.
You can find Laura on Instagram @MortgageFreeMama where she shares her journey to mortgage freedom and living a frugal life.

1.Introduce Yourself
I’m Laura. I’m 24 and I live in Scotland. My baby is almost 8 months old.

2.How long after baby was born, did you return to work (if you did)?
I am returning to work 4 months earlier than expected because being a stay at home mum is not for me unfortunately.

3.Did you change/reduce your hours?
I am going back full time and maybe a couple extra shifts a month.

4.How did you prepare financially (if you did) for maternity leave?
I work for the NHS so have a good maternity pay – since getting into statutory pay I’m very vigilant of funds and have managed to live off of less than £500 a month. I have started selling on eBay and doing surveys for some extra cash.

5.What was your biggest waste of money baby related purchase?
Biggest waste of money was the £150 Joie swing which she hated. BUT I will persevere and use it for future children lol!

6.Did you struggle with the drop in income?
Mentally I hugely struggled with the drop in income. Me and OH have always been competitive with pay and I was almost in the lead until maternity leave lol! He doesn’t mind because I put all of his wages into savings but I like to know I have my own.

7.What did you do to manage the drop in income?
I didn’t shop for clothes in fact I haven’t had any new clothes since about a week after baby was born. I shop in the sales and now look on eBay/Shpock for items instead of paying full price (unless there’s cashback)

8.What would you/did you do differently, second time around?
I would definitely have more emergency fund and stick to what I’m doing now.

9.Any advice for mums to be?
Babies don’t have to be expensive. I wish I had stuck with cheap onesies/outfits because lord knows they’re dirty little things and shitting through a £20 Ted Baker onesie is not the one.

10.And finally, what is your favourite money saving tip? (doesn’t have to be baby related)
Aldi milk is 1000000000000x better than Aptamil especially since changing formula wish I’d used it from the start!!


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