[AD] 10 Ways to Maximise Your Cashback Earnings with Quidco

maximise your cashback earnings
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maximise your cashback earnings

Cashback. One of the best ways to save money on your online purchases.

If you aren’t already aware of what cashback is, it’s a percentage of your spend paid back to you, which varies from cashback site to cashback site, and retailer to retailer.

It’s essentially free money. And if you’re making an online purchase, you should always check to see if any cashback is available first.

I’ve made hundreds of pounds over the years from my normal online purchases, simply by checking if any cashback is available.

You can earn cashback on a whole host of things from purchases at various retailers, to buying insurance and taking out mobile phone contracts.

But not only that, there are a few clever tricks that can see you maximise your earnings and boost your cashback potential.

What is Quidco?

If you want to start earning cashback then you need to sign up to Quidco*.

Quidco is the UK’s highest paying Cashback site and before you make any purchase, you should check to see if you can earn cashback with them.

Join Quidco today to get a £15 cashback bonus when you shop with any retailer.*

How Can I Boost my Cashback Earnings?

Like I said, you can earn cashback on your regular purchases – which is great! Free money.

But did you realise there are so many other ways to get more out of your account?

Sign Up to Quidco

Okay, so this might sound stupidly obvious but unless you actually sign up you’re never going to earn any money.

If you sign up using this link, you can get a £15 cashback bonus when you shop with ANY retailer.* 

Once you’ve signed up you can update your profile, your browsing preferences (you can filter out gambling and adult content if you want to) and add your insurance renewal dates.

You’ll also be able to set up your payment methods including BACS, PayPal and your email address for voucher pay outs.

Download the App

Many of us now spend a considerable amount of time more on our smartphones than we do desktops.

And we’re probably shopping from our phones too.

So make sure you’re not missing out on cashback by installing the app.

It works in exactly the same way as the desktop version – just search for the retailer.

Just make sure you’ve signed up before downloading the app so you don’t miss out on your bonus!

The app is available on iOS and Android.

Become a Premium Member

If you become a premium member you’ll unlock additional benefits:

  • Cashback at 4,500+ retailers
  • Up to 10% top-up on cashback rates
  • Double the Difference Highest Cashback Guarantee
  • Up to 20% payout bonuses

Once a member, Quidco will retain £1 per month of your cashback earnings as a fee for the premium membership.

But they only retain the fee for months that you are active, so if you haven’t made a transaction in 30 days – you won’t be billed for that period.

Install the Browser Extension

Quidco have a browser extension for Chrome called Quidco Cashback Reminder.

Once installed, it will remind you of the cashback you can earn when you visit a partnered retailer.

Just click on the blue and green logo in your toolbar, select the appropriate cashback rate, sign in (if you’re not already), make your purchase and the cashback will track as normal.

Refer a Friend

An easy way to earn more cashback is by referring friends – not only will you be helping them to save but you’ll each get a £10 bonus in return.

Just share your unique link and get them to register as a member through it.

Your friend must earn at least £5 cashback before your reward becomes payable but you’ll get notified when your friend signs up and when they reach £5.

Complete Free Cashback Offers

If you head to Quidco’s Free Cashback section, you’ll find offers which require no spend to earn cashback.

This might be joining a survey site or registering for a free trial of something.

You can even earn cashback for just completing a search on a website.

Have a look and see if there are any offers you can complete to blag some free cashback.

Cash Out in Vouchers

If you cash out your rewards as evouchers instead of BACs or PayPal, you can increase the value of your rewards.

For example, if you decide to cash out in the form of River Island voucher you’ll get an increase of 4%.

You can boost the value even further if you’re a premium member. Taking the same example of River Island, this boost now becomes 8%.

Obviously, if you need money then you should opt for BACs or PayPal, but otherwise vouchers might be an option worth considering.

Click Snap

Click Snap offers cashback on specific offline product purchases in participating supermarkets.

The featured products are regularly updated, but if you buy one of these products you can upload a picture of your receipt and claim the cashback offered.

You can upload your receipts online or via the app – though it’s probably quicker and easier to do it straightaway via the app.

Cashback on Offline Spend

It’s not just for online shopping. With Quidco High Street, you can earn cashback on your offline purchases too!

You just need to register your card(s), activate the offers you’re interested in and your cashback will automatically track when you spend at that store.

Use Quidco Compare

You’ve heard of comparison websites and shopping around for insurance, right?

Well, Quidco have their own comparison site – Quidco Compare.

It works in exactly the same way as other comparison sites – comparing policies to find you the best deal.

But, unlike other comparison sites it passes the commission they earn back to you as cashback.

Our insurance policies come up for renewal every year and usually you’ll save money by switching to a new provider, so this is a really handy tool to help you find the best one and get some money back.


So there we have it! 10 ways to maximise your cashback earnings with Quidco.

If you haven’t already signed up, what are you waiting for?

Dont forget, if you join Quidco today you can get a £15 cashback bonus when you shop with any retailer.*

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  1. I have never tried Quidco before, I use the ‘other’ one so I’m going to sign up to Quidco and see how it compares! Thank you for these tips xo

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