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Make Money with Qmee

There are 3 ways to make money with Qmee – web searches, surveys and referring a friend.
I will be discussing the survey side of it, as I haven’t made any referrals and though I’ve installed the browser plugin, I don’t really browse the web so haven’t had much experience with it.

I downloaded this app at the start of the month and so far have a love-hate relationship with it.
It’s never going to make you rich – so if you’re looking for a reliable side income then this probably isn’t for you. However, I’ve been using infrequently when I’m giving the baby her bottle in the morning and night, and so far my balance is up to £14.14 – not exactly groundbreaking, but in the realm of survey sites, not to be sniffed at either.

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As with most things, there are pros and cons.

The Good

– There is no payout threshold – whatever you earn, you can cashout as and when you like to your paypal.
– Surveys are regular – quite often I’ll open the app and it’ll say there’s no surveys available but you pull down the screen to refresh and new ones often appear

The Bad

Getting screened out, a lot.
– Surveys taking longer to complete than suggested
– Poor payout for long surveys
– Quite often doesn’t work on mobile

So it would seem seeing as there’s more bad than good things to say about it that I wouldn’t recommend Qmee at all. But I like it because you can access the money quickly. I wouldn’t actively spend my time on the app, but it suits me when I’m feeding the baby and can’t do much else other than browse my phone.

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