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I’ve been using Populus Live for a good few years now, but it’s one survey site I don’t seem to come across many other people talking about. As with every survey site, there’s good and bad things about it but in my opinion this is one of the better sites out there.

The Good

The Bad

I’ll start with the bad, because there’s little to pick on with this site. The worst thing I guess would have to be the fact that the payment threshold is £50. When you reach that, they send you a cheque. So you could be waiting a little while for your money. However, this doesn’t really bother me that much. It’s very easy to lose all those little £1s here and there with sites like Qmee and Curious Cat. Quick access to cash is great, but it’s also nice to have a £50 cheque to pay into your bank. If you prefer being able to quickly access your earnings, then this probably isn’t the site for you. But it’s legitimate, it’s reliable and I’ve cashed out several times over the years even though I frequently ignore survey invitations.

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Another minor annoyance is the length of the surveys. Though they tell you the % completed as you’re going so you can garner how much is left… and they do tell you on the invite how long it should take. But also, they repeat the same questions at the start of the survey a lot.

Aside from those minor niggles, I don’t really have much to fault it on. They email you when a survey is available which is great for me because I’m rubbish at checking survey sites and considering the pay is a lot better than most sites, the surveys are quite frequent. In November so far, I’ve been invited to participate in £13 worth of surveys, and I would say £20 a month is a pretty steady amount to earn.

I rarely get screened out of surveys (although reading the few other reviews I found, some people do get screened out because of the industry they work in) but when you do, you get an entry into a prize draw to win cash. Again this is legitimate and I have found claims from people who have won the prize draw.

Earnings come in the form of points but 1 point = £1 so it’s easy to track where you are. You can earn £1 per 5 minutes which equates to a very decent £12 hour. Not that there’s enough surveys to earn that obviously, but it’s better than the 17p you’ll get for a 15 minute survey on Qmee/Curious Cat and the like.

They do have quality control checks, so be careful when you enter your details. I accidently entered my DOB as 1979 instead of 1989 on the survey access screen and because I then input the correct year within the survey they screened me out because they picked up on the conflicting information.

There’s not much more to tell you than that really. I’d say it’s worth adding to your list. If you consistently take part in all the surveys offered you can probably cash out a few times a year. And an extra couple of hundred pound a year for answering an occasional 5-15 minute survey isn’t to be sniffed at.

Join Populus Live here and let me know your thoughts!


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