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ohmydosh! review
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ohmydosh! review

I signed up to a ‘get paid to’ website called OhMyDosh! Want to find out how I made over £20+ in less than an hour? Read on for the full OhMyDosh! Review and details of the offers I completed.

What is OhMyDosh!?

OhMyDosh! is a website where you can earn cash by taking part in promotions and tasks. There are a variety of different offers you can complete and for each task completed you will earn a cash reward.

The cash reward and the terms vary from offer to offer, so be sure to read the rules of the offer before attempting any otherwise you might not be paid. For example, some free trials might require you to stay a member for 48 hours before your reward becomes payable – so if you signed up and cancelled straight away you would not receive your award.

That said it is easy to make fast cash with OhMyDosh! I joined and spent an hour completing offers and earned £51– £26 of which became available to cash out almost straightaway, the remaining £25 pending (but according to the terms of that offer could take up to 30 days to become payable). I did outlay some money for these offers, which leaves me with profit after deductions of £27.36. Not bad for an hours work is it?

There are lots of offers you can complete, including lightning pay out offers which guarantee pay out in 3 days and you can filter by category to find suitable offers to partake in, e.g. choose only free trials/no spend offers.

If you sign up for a free trial you will need to provide your card details so that the advertiser can bill you at the end of the trial period – you just need to remember to cancel your membership before the free trial ends and you will not be charged.

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Which OhMyDosh! Offers Did I Complete?

I completed the following six offers to earn £50.50 in my first hour on Ohmydosh!:

Hayu 30 day free trial – £4

One of the terms of this trial was to remain a member for 48 hours. The membership tells you clearly when the free trial ends and when you will be billed so I set a reminder in my phone to cancel the trial a few days later. The website is easy to navigate and easy to find where to cancel your membership.

Nowtv 14 day free trial – £5

When it came to this trial, it was not immediately obvious where you cancel your membership, so I typed ‘cancel’ in the search field which then directed me to the right page. There were many offer screens trying to get me to stay a member and I had to click ‘I still want to cancel’ quite a few times before I actually got to cancel my membership.

Playster 30 day free trial – £7.50

It was easy to cancel this membership, after logging in I clicked my account and there was a ‘cancel my membership’ link.

Simplycook – first box pay postage only – £3

Postage for this cost £2.95, so
effectively this reward only earned me £0.05 but I did receive the four recipe
packs of my choice within literally a couple of days of signing up. When I logged in to cancel my
monthly membership, they offered me 20% off for life to remain a member
bringing the monthly cost down to £7.99.

Lottoland – 10 scratchcard offer – £4.50

This offer cost £0.99 to purchase 10 scratchcards, but I won £0.30 which was paid into my account within a few days, making this offer worth £3.81

Playojo – £25

You had to deposit and wager £20
to get this offer, so at a minimum you’ll earn £5 and it can take up to 30 days
to become payable. Track how much you wager and ensure that you only bet £20.
This will unlock the ohmydosh reward but if you have been lucky enough to win
some money on the casino, then you’ll be able to withdraw that too. Unfortunately,
I lost the full £20 so this offer was worth just £5.

I also earned £1 signing up with
a referral link, £0.50 welcome bonus and £0.50 for confirming my email address.

Other Ways to Earn with OhMyDosh!

Refer a Friend

As you can see there’s a variety of ways to earn and you can access quite a few offers in a short space of time.
You can also earn extra money by referring a friend. When your friend earns £10
– you’ll receive £5… and they’ll also get a £1 welcome bonus just for signing
up through your link.

Daily Dosh Winner

Each day they pick a winner to win £10. You need to log in daily to check if you are the winner and if you are
press the ‘claim’ button. You have 24 hours to claim your winnings.

Cashing Out

When you hit £10 in payable funds, you can request a payment.
Cashing out is easy and you can do so using Bacs or PayPal – just be aware that to use PayPal the PayPal email address has to be in your name.

I opted for the Bacs pay out, as my PayPal email address doesn’t match my name so would appear different to Ohmydosh!. Bacs takes up to 5 working days from when payment is processed, PayPal is paid out the same day payment is processed.

You can find all this information in the ‘Payment’ section on ‘My Account’. My money went in my bank account well within the 5 working days time frame given.

Other Things to Note

As I was completing the offers I wrote down which ones I was doing, the terms of the offer plus any other
information that might be useful (website address, email I used to sign up

I also made a note of the date I needed to cancel the membership by (if applicable).

I then put a reminder in myphone to ensure that I did not forget to cancel the memberships so I would not
end up being billed – which would be counter-productive!

The amount you can earn is really up to you in which and how many offers you decide to do. Some will not be
relevant – e.g. there are a few tasks for changing your energy supplier and as Ihave already done this recently, this was no good to me.

New offers are added regularly and it is worth logging in daily just to check if you are the £10 winner. As with
most sites of this manner, you cannot earn a steady income from it. However, it is worthwhile completing some offers as reward/time ratio is actually pretty decent.

If you would like to join you can sign up using my referral link here:

Join Ohmydosh!and receive a £1 welcome bonus

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