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Curious Cat is another survey app I downloaded last month to trial in the hopes of boosting my side income. As with the vast majority of survey sites, this app isn’t going to make you rich but is great for killing time when you don’t have much else to do. I personally prefer to do surveys when giving the baby her morning and night feeds as I can’t do much else than play on my phone.

The Good

 The app is easy to use and to navigate

– Surveys available are fairly frequent

– You only need 100 points to cash out to Paypal (1 point = 1p)

The Bad

I get screen out of A LOT of surveys

So far I’ve got mixed feelings about Curious Cat. I cashed out £2.16 on 31st August, and I downloaded the app mid August – so £2.16 for two weeks is pretty poor considering I check the app twice daily.

However, my biggest annoyance isn’t that my cash withdrawal was so small but the fact that I get screened out of almost every task offered to me. At the time of writing this post, we are 5 days into September and I have earned 13 points – a point for each time I have been screened out. These tasks varied in value from 17 points to 74 points. So had I been able to complete them, I would’ve been steadily building a decent balance. That’s 13 tasks on the trot I wasn’t eligible for.

I went to Curious Cat’s FAQ section where they have the following:

Why did I not qualify for a survey?


We are constantly working to improve our profile matching algorithm to select only surveys for which you are best qualified.

…even if our profile matching algorithm has found a survey you are perfectly matched for, it is still possible that demographic quota for that survey might be reached…


What a load of rubbish. I get screened out AFTER I’ve answered a handful of questions. Questions that already have been answered and make up my profile. Where I am told I don’t match the profile the survey is looking for. If that’s the case, why was the task offered in the first place? Curious Cat, that Algorithm clearly needs some more work!

But anyway, the only reason I haven’t totally given up on this app is because the payment threshold is so low. Which is a novelty where survey sites are concerned.

I did voice my concerns with this app over on Instagram. Other users shared my frustration but did comment that it seems to have gone downhill in the past month. Potentially it could just be a blip and it’ll pick back up again. It’s one of those I think you have to decide for yourself. Personally, I’m not fussed but I see lots of people on Instagram regularly cashing out, so maybe my profile just isn’t the right fit.

Download the app and let me know your thoughts!

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