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Another day, another survey app to review! This time I’m talking about Citizen Me.
You can find a list of all the survey apps I currently use here.
As with all my survey reviews, I’ll start with the disclaimer that you aren’t going to be a millionaire using these apps/sites… but you can earn some extra pennies when you have a spare 5 minutes.

Citizen Me is a fairly unique survey app in the respect that it’s the only one I’m aware of that pays out instantly. You link up your paypal, and as soon as you’ve finished – they pay you your reward.
The app is fairly easy to navigate – though there are a lot of features on it that I don’t use.

On your home screen you will see a list of tasks which are colour coded by type, and you have the option to filter them across the top of the screen. You will only receive payment for tasks in the green ‘earn’ category, though tasks in the purple ‘unlock’ category will help to develop your profile for future surveys and projects. Tasks in the red ‘donate’ category allow you to donate your data to charities that benefit from it. You can find a complete breakdown and explanation of each category in the support section on the app.

The Good

– Payout is instant – you link up your paypal when you join and the money is paid to you as soon as you complete a task
– Surveys are short – generally only a few questions and the task tells you exactly how many questions you have to answer before you start it

The Bad

– Paid surveys are infrequent. I downloaded the app on the 23rd of August and have only earned 85p so far, my last paid survey was on 26th of August. As with all my survey apps – I check them at least twice daily, so the lack of surveys is disappointing.


I would still recommend downloading CitizenMe because the surveys though infrequent are quick to complete and the money is straight in your paypal.

Don’t expect too much from it though, a quick google and read of some money forum threads suggests that the infrequency of paying tasks is across the board, much to users frustrations – an opinion dating back a few years, so I think it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Have you used this app yet? Have you had a different experience to me? Let me know.

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