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Today I’ve got a guest post from the lovely Annelies at The Frugal Frenchie who’s sharing how to make money with the app SnapMyEats. 

Hello everyone!

My name is Annelies, coming over from The Frugal Frenchie blog, to talk to you today about a brilliant, free money-making app. I’m thrilled to be here, hope you will enjoy this blog post and come and say hi on my twitter afterwards; I’d love to know your thoughts!

The app I want to talk about today is called SnapMyEats. This post will give you all the information you need to know as well as what you need to do to make up to £60 a year in Amazon vouchers!

What is SnapMyEats?

SnapMyEats is an app where you can upload food and drink receipts, answer three questions and then get points towards Amazon vouchers. It’s that easy.


Is the app genuine?

Yes, it’s all above board and there’s absolutely no catch, I’ve earned over £20 worth so far!

Furthermore, they keep you updated on your progress before you upload a receipt, to show that they keep track and aren’t “scamming” you out of any. If they show up any receipts as invalid, it means they do not recognise the company, it’s out of date or they cannot read it fully – be careful when photographing.

How much can you earn?

Unfortunately, with SnapMyEats, you can only earn up to £5 Amazon voucher a month, which equates to £60 a year. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s sure to help out when it comes to birthday or Christmas gifts; my personal motto is always “something is better than nothing!”

It works in the following way; for every 3 receipts you upload, you get £1.

You receive your earnings through the email you registered with at the end of the month. Directions are in the email on how to redeem the money on Amazon.

Are all receipts accepted?

They are not restricting in terms of the receipts you can scan, however as I mentioned earlier, they must be food or drink related. Here are some other rules you need to stick by.

When will I receive my vouchers?

You receive the vouchers through email, normally at the beginning of the next month. This is the only communication you receive from them. Then, it’s up to you to add the amount to your gift card balance on your Amazon account, but don’t worry, it’s clear how to do this through email directions.

That’s it, a super easy and quick way to make money. Keep your receipts from hereon in and get scanning! If you are interested in more money saving or money-making blog posts, feel free to check out my blog, The Frugal Frenchie.



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