How to Make Money in Time for Christmas

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We are now only 10 weeks away from Christmas so I think it’s okay to start talking about it, right?

If you’re an organisational whizz – you might’ve already been prepping for Christmas. Shopping the January sales, picking up a couple of presents each month, or simply paying into a Christmas sinking fund so that come December, you won’t need to rely on your credit card. If that’s you – amazing! Well done!

But if that’s not you and you’re starting to panic and wonder how you’ll afford Christmas – fear not. There is still time to make money in time for Christmas.

Today, I am going to share with you different ways to make extra money in time for Christmas. Be warned, this is a long one – so get comfy, make yourself a brew and read on.

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Survey Sites

I’ve written about Survey Sites a few times here on the blog.

But if you’re completely new here or new to making extra money online, let me quickly tell you what survey sites are and how they work.

Survey sites are websites that you can register to and answer questions for money. It’s not usually huge amounts (often pennies) but it can build up into a nice bit of extra pocket money.

A lot of people are wary of signing up to these websites as they believe they might be a scam, or that your information will be sold on, or you’ll receive a lot of spam mail – these sites are ones that I’ve personally used and will recommend – I would never suggest signing up to anything if I thought it was a bit dodgy.

These are tried and tested sites that I’ve received pay outs from – the reason they pay you is because they are conducting market research and your answers are valuable to them. It’s not a quick ‘steal your information and sell it on to scammers’ deal.

Today, I’m going to focus on the BEST sites to get you money quickly – so I’m not going to talk about the slow burners or the high thresholds – but you can find a complete list here if you’re interested.


Prolific is by far the best survey site around. Researchers at universities conduct the studies and as such, they will have a person profile criteria set out for each particular study. This means you’ll only see studies you are eligible for (so no screening out!).

They are the fairest and best paying, and the threshold is only £5 which you can build up quickly. Sometimes studies are even for more than this – I once completed a speech task for £12!

Cash out is instant via Paypal so you won’t be waiting around for your money once you’ve reached the threshold either.

You will sometimes receive email notification if there is a relevant study available for you to complete. But I would recommend leaving the web browser open and periodically checking it if you’re able. The page will automatically refresh when a study is available but they often fill up quickly.

Read my full Prolific Review


This is a recent favourite of mine. It’s a survey app which is available on iOS and Android in the UK and US.

What I love about this is you are notified when paid ‘pulses’ are available and the surveys are only 3 questions – so they’re short and snappy to complete. How much you earns depends on you ‘XP level’ which you can increase by answering more unpaid pulses. I’m currently earning 34c per pulse – the max you can earn is 41c

The payout threshold is $5 (they only pay in USD but you will be shown the GBP conversion when you cash out) and cashout is via Paypal.

You won’t make huge amounts of money with OnePulse – but for the time it takes to answer, it’s worth doing. In the past two weeks I have cashed out twice earning just over £8

Read my full OnePulse Review


Qmee is no longer a survey site I use myself but I have had success with it in the past and based on that, I thought it would be worthwhile including.

Cash out is via Paypal and there is NO minimum threshold, so if you earn pennies you can cash them out straightaway!

You can also install their browser extension, which means you’ll earn money for searching the internet.

The reason I no longer use Qmee is because they can screen you out – a lot. And often when you’re quite far into a survey which is very frustrating. But if you find yourself with chunks of dead time – like waiting for an appointment, for example – then it’s worth having the app on your phone and answering a few surveys to pass the time.

In my first week on Qmee, I was able to make around £15.

Read my full Qmee Review


If you’ve been meaning to start decluttering, but haven’t gotten round to it – now’s the perfect time to start.

If you have kids (or even if you don’t!), chances are there’ll be an influx of items into your home on Christmas day. So why not clear out some unwanted, unloved clutter now? And make a little cash to put towards the cost of Christmas.

Long time readers/followers will know I’m on a decluttering mission myself. In fact I’ve written quite a few articles on the subject which you might also enjoy:

26 Easy Things to Declutter Now
The Benefits of Decluttering – and Why You Should Do it
The Questions to Ask When Decluttering
How to Overhaul Your Wardrobe

Sell Your Clutter

I could recommend selling on eBay ‘til the cows come home and I have written an extensive number of articles all about eBay which you can find here.

If you have any questions regarding selling on eBay – I’ve probably already answered it somewhere on the blog. But if not, feel free to email me:

Need some motivation? Why not join my Clutter to Cash Facebook group.

Other Places to Sell

Depop (for clothes)
Vinted (for clothes)
Facebook Marketplace

Cash in Your Media

If you have lots of books, DVDs, CDs or games lying around download a recycling app for quick cash.

Where to Sell

Music Magpie

You might also enjoy…The Best Places to Sell DVDs

Cash for Clothes

These places pay by the kilo, so unless you have a lot of stuff to get rid of it might not be worth your while. Even then, I would recommend this as a last resort because you’ll get a lot more money by selling on the platforms I mentioned earlier.

However, if you need to offload a lot of stuff quickly – maybe you tried a bootsale without much success and you don’t want to take it back home – it’s an easy couple of quid.

They usually pay 50p per kilo of clothing/shoes but a lot of places also take things like curtains & bedding, soft toys and bric-a-brac (though this is usually for less money).

Sell Your Old Jewellery

Gold and Silver prices are still at a high, so if you have a lot of old jewellery it might be worth weighing it in.

It’s surprising how much you can actually get – they even accept broken jewellery.

Sell Your Old Mobiles

Go around your house and round up all your old mobiles, I almost guarantee that there’s a couple in your junk drawer or shoved in the back of a cupboard somewhere.

Use a comparison site to find out where you’ll get the most money and ship them off to a site like Envirofone.

They’re not doing anything for you sat in that drawer!

Free Cash

This section is all about the free money offers that are around – you can’t make consistent cash with these as they are one off offers, but you will be able to make money in time for Christmas by doing them.

Switch Bank Accounts

The banks are going crazy trying to get your business and you can get up to £200 free when you switch.

MoneySavingExpert has all the information you need here


Curve allows you to link all your cards (credit and debit) and manage them all in one place through the app. They’ll send you a card which you can use like a debit card and you’ll be able to see all your transactions on each card.

Download Curve using my link or referral code (D6AQYGGE) and get £5. (Make sure you choose the free card.)

You’ll need to link your bank card and make a purchase using the Curve card to get your free money.


Open an account using my link or referral code (KATIE184) and get £15 when you make a payment using your card. (Make sure you choose the simple plan when signing up which is free).

You can earn more money each time you refer a friend too.


Connect Cleo to your bank account and it’ll help you manage your money through Messenger. It analyses your spending patterns and can let you know things like when your balance is low and tips on how to improve your spending habits.

As soon as you link your bank, you’ll get £5 free!

Get Paid To…

These are websites where you can earn money by completing offers such as taking out free trials or creating an account with somebody.

Usually these kind of offers can take a while to become payable as they require you to stay a member for a set amount of time.

However, OhMyDosh!have a section of their website called ‘Lightning Payouts’ which is a group of offers where you can get paid out in 3 working days.

Just remember to follow all the information carefully when completing offers to ensure they track and set reminders in your phone to cancel any memberships before they become payable.

Join OhMyDosh! and get £1 to start you off – you only need £10 to be able to cash out. I made over £20 in my first hour, read the full review here.

20Cogs is a similar site, but you have to complete all 20 ‘cogs’ before you can claim your money, so it can take a while (and you probably won’t be able to make money in time for Christmas with it).

Amazon Vouchers

There are lots of apps and websites where you can earn rewards in the form of Amazon vouchers instead of cash, which can also be quite handy for Christmas. Here are a few of them.


Sign up to InstaGC and you can earn points which can be converted into a number of different vouchers including amazon.

You can cash out from as little as £1 (160 points = £1) and you’ll receive 10 points when you sign up.

You can earn points by downloading and installing apps, watching videos, visiting and browsing websites and a variety of other tasks.


Similar to InstaGC, join SwagBucks and you can earn SB by completing a variety of tasks.

These SB can then be converted to Amazon vouchers (you can also earn cash via PayPal but it’ll cost you more SB). The payout threshold is £5 (or 700SB).

Bonus: Cashback

I’ve included this little bonus section because although you won’t make money in time for Christmas from it – you can earn a little money back when you do come to buy your presents!

Simply join and before you do any online shopping, have a quick search on the site if there’s any cashback available. If there is, click ‘get cashback’ so that they track your sale and you’ll earn a percentage back for money you’d be spending anyway!

Cashback Sites

You can earn cashback by shopping with hundreds of retailers, or even by taking out a new mobile contract or insurance policy. It’s free money! If you’re spending it, get something back.

Topcashback – TopCashback is my personal favourite and I’ve earned hundreds of pounds since joining – and I don’t even spend much money!

Cashback Apps for Money Off

• Join Airtime Rewards using my code (8H66U99H) and get 50p. Link your bank card and you can earn rewards on spends with qualifying retailers. This money can then be used to get money off your mobile phone bill!

• ZipZero is another app where you can earn money off – this time off your bills. You can add any bill – electricity, gas, TV, Phone, Internet or Council Tax. Just scan your receipts and earn money to pay down your bills.


That’s a whole lot of information in that post – I know, so here’s a quick checklist for you to make money in time for Christmas!


You’ve got 10 weeks, you can still make a difference and make money in time for Christmas!

I hope you’ve found this helpful! If so, please feel free to share with a friend who might also benefit 🙂

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  3. These are great tips! I’ve started saving up for the holiday season and this post gave me some new ideas, thank you!

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  4. Marjie Mare

    This is a very informative post. With all the stress the Holidays can bring for some, we could definitely use those tips.

  5. I think many people overlook the power of decluttering because we live in such a materialistic society. The truth is that almost every person I know has a bunch of STUFF that they don’t actually need just sitting around cluttering up their house. This ‘stuff’ may be trash, but in many cases it may actually be useful to someone else… We’re constantly going through, reevaluating and putting stuff up for sale on the Facebook buy and sell groups here.

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    1. katiesaves

      Thank you, good luck! 🙂

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      You’re welcome 🙂 Yes definitely do! Bundles grouped together in styles/sizes do quite well at action, and if you have nice brands or complete outfits list them Buy It Now. I sold loads of baby clothes on ebay as FB Marketplace is rubbish in my area.

  9. I love this, what an inspiring post. I have started really clearing out so much stuff and selling lots of it (and now I’ve started I don’t want to stop, it’s quite addictive!!)

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