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VYPR though not a big payer, is one of my favourite ways to earn money from my smartphone.
The app is available for IOS and Android, however when I searched the App Store for ‘VYPR’ I couldn’t find it, so instead I googled ‘VYPR survey’ and found a link to the AppStore from there.


VYPR is different to other survey sites as you are given ‘steers’ which comprise of pictures and questions. Yes/no steers are worth 10 points. Multi choice steers (up to 10 choices) are worth 40 points.


You are awarded 2,000 points when you sign up and can redeem when you reach 10,000 points in exchange for £5 cash paid to PayPal. Like I said it’s not a big payer; but the steers are regular, they literally take seconds to answer and they don’t bore you quite like traditional surveys.


In addition to regular 10-40 point steers, you can complete ‘in-store’ steers which are worth 100 points. This just means you answer the questions when you’re in the shop.


Quite often VYPR will tell you when you’re near a store with a steer available. I’ve had many notifications that I’m near a store, so there are lots of opportunities but so far I’ve only completed one in store steer, so I accumulated my points balance with regular steers and it’s taken me approximately two months to cash out.

Two months for £5 seems like a waste of time, but I could’ve probably reached the threshold quicker had I checked the app more regularly and for a few seconds work here and there it’s really not that taxing.

You’re not notified of new steers so you do have to check – but if you follow a lot of money/debt accounts on Insta quite often people will post in their stories when steers become available which always reminds me to check my app.

On cashout you should receive your money into PayPal within 48 hours.

There’s currently not a refer a friend incentive, though I think this is something VYPR should consider doing for a little points booster and to encourage more people to use the app – maybe it’ll happen in the future!

Overall it’s not a bad little app and it’s one I’ll continue to use alongside others to bring in a small amount of extra money each month.

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