I found £94.70 in an old purse

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*This post may contain affiliate links.

I like to think I’m quite savvy when it comes to money, but I have to admit I had a bit of a face palm moment this morning when I found an old purse.

There wasn’t a great deal of money inside it (£3.42 to be exact) but there were some forgotten gems which as it turns out are worth quite a bit.

I don’t tend to use loyalty cards because I do all my shopping either online with Asda or instore at Aldi or Lidl. But before we moved to our current town in March last year, I had amassed quite the collection of random loyalty cards which I would use sporadically (if and when I remembered to).

However, seeing as we are making a more conscious effort to make/save money now. I thought I should update my name and address on all these cards, and request new ones (if needed) so that if we were to shop at any of these places, I’d be getting a little extra for my money.
And yes, you did read that right – ‘change my name’ is still on my to do list even though we got married in October 2016 (and I’m trying to convince you I’m organised too, this post makes me seem like a fraud – disorganised and throwing money away haha).

Anyway, I pulled out each card one by one and logged into my online accounts. This took a while – I have 3 email addresses in use and various passwords so as you can imagine I had to go down the ‘forgotten details’ route quite a few times. But as it turns out it was all worth the effort, because in these various accounts sat little amounts of money waiting to be spent. Kerching.

Boots Advantage Card – £7.11
Nectar Card – £5.58
Incentive Rewards Card – £58.59 (I know, I know – how do you possibly forget you’ve got a balance like that on a card?)

I also updated my Tesco Clubcard (5 points), Morrisons More Card (0 points), Coop Card (0 points) and The Perfume Shop Card (82 points)

Another useful loyalty card which is now updated is my Shell Rewards Card. I currently have 196 points. When you reach 500 you can convert to a £2.50 money off fuel voucher, this will be especially handy since my husband is now commuting to Swansea University on a daily basis (1.5 hour drive each way)

But it wasn’t just loyalty cards I found when rifling through the old purse. I found a selection of gift cards. I didn’t have a clue whether I’d used them and if there’d even be a balance on them so a quick google search pointed me in the right direction to find out.

Next Giftcards 2 x £10
Ring 0333 777 8800 and follow the automated prompts to find out the balance on your giftcard. Turns out both of mine were unused.

Debenhams Giftcard £10
Check here if you have any balance available. Unfortunately my card had expired.


Vue Giftcard £20
You can check at a counter in the cinema if you have a balance but I knew that hubby and I had bought tickets using this, so there was only going to be a small balance left. However, the giftcard says that balances expire 12 months after use, and since we received this as a Christmas Gift in 2015, I knew there was no point trying to chase a potential £6 max!

So in total, this little purse clear out made me £94.70 and found me a way to help towards our impending huge fuel costs. I’m not sure whether I’ll spend the Next vouchers yet (I’m thinking maybe getting little girly’s 1st birthday outfit with them) or whether I’ll sell them on Zeek.

Also, on the subject of loyalty cards Cora wrote a very helpful post on Nectar Points, I didn’t realise how many places now accepted the Nectar card. I’ve linked mine to my ebay and use it in Sainsbury’s but that’s it. How dull am I?

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