How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

how to stay motivated to achieve your goals
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how to stay motivated to achieve your goals
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are probably here because you have a goal of some sort.

It could be to make extra money to pay off debt or to save money towards buying a house.

Whatever it is, there are probably moments when you feel disheartened. We all go through those periods of feeling as if we are not making any progress and it can make us want to give up. If that sounds familiar then this is the post for you.

Goals are meant to motivate us, they’re an end result that we’re pushing toward and are the reasons why we make sacrifices in our budget, and spend our spare time side hustling for more money. But sometimes we can lose sight of them.

We can be so focused on what we are giving up in the here and now that we forget why we started in the first place.
When that happens, we need to step back and regain clarity.

If you are feeling fed up and cannot find the motivation to get back on track, here are some tips that I hope will help you.

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Remember Your Why

Have a clear picture in your mind of what you are trying to achieve. Visualise your life when you get there.

When you’re feeling negative and thinking about all the things you’re missing out on, remind yourself why.
A night out this weekend sounds good, you deserve it! Right? But think about how you’ll feel Sunday morning, with a hangover checking your bank and wondering how the hell you spent £100. Think of that £100 in terms of your goal, how much closer would saving the money have got you?

I’m not saying don’t go out, just remember why you’ve set yourself a small budget, remind yourself that you’re driving to save money and stop you spending because you want that money to go towards your house deposit.

Turn the negative thoughts of what you’re missing out on around on their head and instead think of it in terms of how much closer you are to your why.

Don’t Deprive Yourself

On the same vein, don’t feel like you have to go what’s commonly known as ‘gazelle intense’ in the debt free community and give up anything and everything to pay off your debt or save toward your goal.

That approach might work for some, but it certainly doesn’t work for everything. Allow yourself some treats. Set aside a small amount in your budget for a purchase you’ve had your eye on or for a date night.

Deprivation will only likely result in you giving up altogether and falling completely off the wagon.

It can’t all be ‘GOALS GOALS GOALS’ – especially if your journey is a long one. Regular small treats will help to keep you motivated to push on.

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Set Mini Goals

Challenge yourself to make the journey more fun. Perhaps set the goal of getting 2 things on ebay everyday this month.

Or do a grocery challenge and get creative with the food you have in so that you can save some of your food budget.

Small achievements quickly snowball and keep you feeling positive and inspired.

Break Your Target into Chunks

Another great way of to stay motivated, particularly if you have a big monetary goal, is to break your target into chunks.

If you have a goal of saving up £5000, divide that goal by 100 to find your 1% – suddenly finding £50 seems much easier than finding £5000.

Create a visual tracker and physically colour in a square each time you save another 1%

Get Accountable

Check in with a friend or start an Instagram and share your goals.

Check in with your progress and admit when you’re struggling.

Sharing your journey, particularly on Instagram opens up a sea of support when you need it.

Not brave enough to share publicly? Create an anonymous account.

How do you stay motivated with a goal?

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