How to Sell Your Stuff on Ebay During Lockdown

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sell on ebay during LOCKDOWNAll this time spent at home has seen many of us reevaluate what’s important to us.

We’re embracing a slower pace of life, enjoying walks and family time but lots of us are also assessing our physical environment too.

I know over two months at home has made me realise that we have far too much stuff. It’s also given me the kick up the backside to get some DIY projects that have been on my ‘to do’ list forever moving.

And so I’ve been decluttering; and as a result I’ve also been selling more.

Like many of you, my finances took a hit when I was furloughed but my job is also at risk of redundancy, so it’s super important to me that I build my emergency savings. – As much as I can and as quickly as I can.

And so with my decluttering efforts, I’ve been trying to make some extra pennies too.

I know some people have been put off from selling during lockdown for many reasons:

  • Fear of breaking social distancing rules
  • Having to go to the Post Office
  • Putting unnecessary strain on the already heavily-burdened delivery services

So today I thought I’d share with you how you can sell your belongings during lockdown, whilst still saying safe and adhering to the rules.

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Selling on eBay During Lockdown

People have been turning to online shopping more than ever with the non-essential shops (at the time of writing) still closed.

Which means there’s no time like the present to sell on eBay.

I’m not going to go over the ins and outs of how to sell on eBay as I’ve covered that elsewhere in my eBay archives but I am going to share a few little tips and tricks for having a problem-free selling experience and advice on how to post your sales.

Tips to Enhance Your Selling Experience

Keep an Eye on Your Emails

Take advantage of ‘£1 max selling fees’ promotions. You can currently list under this promo until 31st May – just remember to click the button to opt in.

Missed it? Fear not, you could continue to list your lower valued items in the meantime or draft listings ready for the next one.

They’re quite frequent, sometimes every other weekend. Just check your emails!

Update Your Handling Time

People know that services are slower because of the current pandemic, but it doesn’t hurt to update your listings to reflect longer handling times.

This will help to minimise the risk of negative feedback if your sales are delayed.

Communicate with Your Buyers

Some buyers might still request that you rush your deliveries so if you’re only able to post on certain days or times, send them a message and let them know. Don’t agree to a sale if you know you can’t meet their expectations – you’re just asking for a return request.

Tips for Sending Your Parcels

Print Your Own Labels

Printing your own labels at home gives you more freedom with regards to where you actually post your items.

But it also frees up time spent in the Post Office.

Most Post Offices are working to reduced hours anyway and though they are enforcing social distancing rules and only allowing a certain number in at a time, printing your own labels means you are in and out much more quickly.

Not sure what I mean? You don’t need a special label printer.

Go to your sold items and click ‘print postage’. You’ll then be given a choice of postage options. Pick the delivery service of your choice and input the parcels weight and ‘buy postage’. Ebay automatically links up with both the delivery services and paypal and will deduct the cost of postage from your paypal and generate the postage label.

Now all you need to do if click ‘print’ (onto normal a4 paper) and you can cut your label and cellotape it to your parcel.

Now it’s ready to drop off!

Where to Drop Off  Your Parcels

If you’ve ordered your postage through Royal Mail, you have a number of options.

You can:

  • Take to the Post Office
  • Take to the Royal Mail Delivery Office
  • Or drop straight into a postbox (if it fits) or parcelbox (if you live near one)

Now, if you choose to put it straight in the postbox (which is what I do 99% of the time if it fits) you will not have proof of postage.

What this means is, if the parcel goes missing, you won’t be able to put a claim in with Royal Mail. However for me, the items are small value so I choose to take the risk – and in all my years of ebaying, I’ve had less than a handful go missing.

If you want proof of postage, take your parcel to the Post Office or Delivery Office and ask for a receipt. They will scan the code from your label and issue you one – hold onto this, you’ll need it if you do want to make a claim.

However, if you choose NOT to get proof of postage (like me), you will still be able to track your parcel.

When you print postage from eBay, a tracking number is automatically uploaded (and the buyer will be able to see this). This means that you will still have Proof of Delivery. So if a buyer claims they haven’t received a parcel, you may be able to view PoD that shows they did. Usually I screenshot this and send to them, and that’s enough to close the claim.

Parcel Collection

eBay and MyHermes are currently offering home collections for parcels at no extra cost until the end of June 2020 (usually you pay 50p per item for this service).

This means that you can package up your parcels, print your label (selecting the packlink tab and the myhermes option) and arrange your collection day for them to come and get the parcels. So you can sell without even leaving your house!

The important thing to note here is whilst this is a good option for small parcels, if you have lighter items which would be cheaper to send with Royal Mail as a large letter – myHermes doesn’t have an option for packages smaller/lighter than small parcel. So you will pay £2.85 as opposed to less with Royal Mail.


Hopefully this has given you a little insight into how to sell on ebay during lockdown. If you have any questions, the best place to reach me is Instagram – so follow me there (@katiesaves) if you’re not already.

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sell on ebay during LOCKDOWN

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