How To Search Sold Listings – Ebay For Beginners

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How to Search Sold Listings on Ebay

One of the common questions I get about eBay is how do I decide on a price?

When deciding on how to price an item I am listing on eBay, my first port of call is a sold listings search. By searching what similar items have sold for, you can get a more realistic idea of how much you can sell your item for, how popular it is and therefore how quickly it is likely to sell.

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One thing that struck me however is that a lot of beginners on eBay don’t know how to search completed listings, so I thought I would put together a step by step post on how to do this – for both the app and the desktop version.

I hope that in enabling you to do this, you will be able to price your listings more confidently and hopefully get those sales rolling in. Remember this is eBay for beginners! So just because it might seem obvious, doesn’t mean it is to a newbie.

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How to Search on the Desktop Version

Log in to your account

In the search bar, type the item you are searching for being as specific as possible.

search sold listings ebay
Click the magnifying glass to search and you will be given a list of current, active listings matching your search
Scroll down the page, and on the left hand side you will see a ‘Show Only’ filter
Click ‘Sold Listings’ and you will be shown items matching the description which have sold, the date they sold and how much they sold for (in the last 90 days).

search completed listings ebay

You could also filter by ‘Completed Listings’ this would show you all ended listings – sold and unsold (black = unsold, green = sold)
And that’s it! Easy when you know how!

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How to Search on the App (iOS)

Open the app
In the search bar, type the item you are searching for being as specific as possible.

Click search
Then the filter button
Scroll down and swipe the ‘Sold Items’ button

Then click ‘done’

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Additional Tips

1. If your search results are too broad, you can choose to filter your search by other options on the left hand side. If your search does not return any results, try taking a word or two out of your search description to broaden the field.

2. If you want to save the sold information for future reference (eg. If you’re listing at a later time) click on the result, click see original listing and next to the sold price you’ll see ‘add to list’ – click the dropdown and you’ll be able to create a list which you can refer back to later. I have one called ‘research’. To access your lists, go to My eBay, Watch List and click the drop down next to the Watch List heading to select your list.

3. If you find the exact item you’re selling and want to go ahead and list your item now, click on ‘Sell one like this’ – this will open a new draft and prefill certain fields for you saving you time.

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I hope you have found this helpful. A sold listing search is a really simple, but extremely useful tool for helping you price your items.

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