How to Make Extra Money with the OnePulse App

onepulse app review
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onepulse app review

***UPDATE MAY 2020***

Due to the current situation, OnePulse have increased their cashout threshold to $20

OnePulse is a smartphone app where you can answer upto 3 questions during a ‘pulse’ and earn a quick few cents. In the 3 months since I joined, I’ve cashed out 5 times and am currently half way toward my next cash out. It’ll by no means make you rich, much like most surveys apps and websites. But it’s a nice little earner and is very user-friendly so it’s a good one to keep on your phone.

What is OnePulse

OnePulse is a platform where brands can ask consumers up to 3 engaging questions and get answers in real time. From a users perspective, it is an app where they can answer quick fire questions on topical issues or brand related questions in exchange for a few cents. It is available to download on iOS and Android and in the UK and US.

How Does it Work?

OnePulse is made up of ‘Pulses’ – some paid and some unpaid. A ‘pulse’ is a set of up to 3 questions and typically take seconds to answer (unless it’s a video question, in which case you need to watch the video before answering your questions).

The amount you earn depends on your ‘XP Level’ (experience points) – you are able to increase this by answering unpaid pulses. The more unpaid pulses you answer, the higher the fee you’ll receive for answering paid pulses.

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How Much Does it Pay?

When you sign up you’ll be at Level 1 which means you’ll receive 25 cents for any paid pulses you answer. There are 17 levels and once you reach Level 17, you can earn 41 cents per paid pulse.

I’m currently on Level 9 which means I earn 31 cents for every paid pulse I answer. I’ve been a member for 3 months now, and so far have cashed out 5 times and am midway towards another cash out.

The threshold is $5 so not too high compared to some survey sites, but it can take a little while to get there. Obviously the higher your XP Level, the quicker you can reach the threshold.

Cashing Out

As you may have already noticed, the app pays out in US Dollars. OnePulse say that by paying in USD, they open the market to worldwide brands and therefore increase your earning potential.

Cash out is via paypal, and when you hit the payment threshold of $5 you can claim your money. You will be shown the amount in GBP at today’s rate and can then click confirm to cash out.

Paid vs Unpaid Pulses

Paid pulses are indicated by the dollar sign in the bottom right hand corner of the pulse. You can set up notifications so that you’ll receive a push notification each time a paid pulse is available. To do this go to your profile, click on account, then edit your notifications. If you see one, get on it straightaway because paid pulses fill up quickly.

Of course you can answer unpaid pulses too and doing so will increase your earning potential as you climb XP Levels.

How Else Can I Earn?

Each week OnePulse runs a ‘Pulser of the Week’ quiz which goes live every Sunday at 3pm BST. If you answer all 3 questions correctly you will be entered into the draw to win $10.

There’s currently no refer a friend scheme.


Overall I think it’s a clever little app. The questions are quick. The app is user friendly. And the pulses are in a fun format so answering the questions doesn’t feel like such a chore as others do. You don’t get screened out part way through either which is a bonus. Personally, it’s one of my favourites currently, even if it is a slow burner!

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onepulse app review





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