How to Make Extra Money from Home During Lockdown

make extra money from home during lockdown
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make extra money from home during lockdown

The current pandemic has seen our ‘normal’ lives altered drastically over the past month or so with many of us being struck financially.

Some people have lost large portions of their income or lost their job altogether. Others, may not have been hit so much financially but life in lockdown is certainly something we all have to adjust to.

So is it possible to make money from home during this time? Yes.

Although some of the usual ways I would recommend to earn extra cash from home (namely matched betting) aren’t much of an option right now, there are definitely still ways you can make extra money from home during lockdown.

As always, you need to be aware of the tax implications of any extra earnings. I wrote a detailed post with everything you need to know about side hustles and tax here, so if you have any concerns – head over to that post and have a read.

Sell Your Belongings

Being at home, many of us have turned to decluttering for something to do and to try and get some order amongst the chaos of the outside world.

Obviously, you’re limited on how you can sell these items with the social distancing measures in place. But eBay is still a good place to sell right now.

If you are selling small items like clothes you could even print your own postage and pop your parcel straight into your nearest postbox (something I’ve always done anyway) which means that you don’t have to come into contact with anyone.

If you’re sending larger parcels, you can still print your own postage and drop off at the post office or Royal Mail delivery office – though they might be working reduced hours, they have social distancing measures in place to keep customers and staff safe, and by printing your own postage you are minimising the time you need to be there – you can literally drop the parcel off and go.

Things that are selling well at the moment:

  • Garden furniture, gardening tools etc
  • DIY equipment
  • Exercise equipment
  • Craft materials
  • Boardgames and puzzles

Obviously, if you’re selling larger items then the place to go is Facebook Marketplace. Just be careful to adhere to social distancing rules when you arrange for buyers to collect. Many people are agreeing to pay by PayPal and leaving items in a safe place so no physical contact is made.

Sell Your Crafts

Another thing many of us are doing to pass the time at home is taking up crafting.

It’s one of those things that many of us wish we had more time for, so what better time than the present to get stuck in.

My craft of choice? Crochet. Although I’m really not that good at it!

My mother in law has become a dab hand at Macrame and my brother is making some brilliantly intricate origami animals.

Crafts like these are a great side hustle if you consider selling them.

Laura at Thrifty Londoner has put together this great guide to selling on Etsy.

Not sure what to make or need some ideas? Youtube is full of tutorials on any craft you can possibly think.

Why not look at what you already have available at home first and go from there?

Sell Your Skills

What are you good at? What are you qualified in? Can you sell that skill?

My friend Charlotte from Looking After Your Pennies is a qualified Maths teacher and offers tutoring as a side hustle (she wrote a great post about it here).

You don’t need to be able to offer it in person, Zoom is a great platform to connect with people by video.

Take Part in Market Research

With many in-person focus groups being moved online due to the current crisis, there are lots of opportunities to earn from home.

To take part, most require you have an interview on Zoom or Skype which usually lasts 30 minutes – 1 hour.

So all you need is a laptop/tablet/smartphone, an internet connection and a spare hour and you’re good to go.

The studies pay really well and there are lots of opportunities out there at the moment.

I wrote an in depth post about the websites I recommend here, so why not check it out and sign up?

Complete Surveys for Extra Cash

I always bang on about surveys. Yes they can be slow going. And some aren’t as well paid as others.

No, they won’t make you rich. But an extra £50 a month? Yes please.

With the current pandemic, lots of sites are conducting research and looking for opinions on the subject so the surveys are still plentiful.

My favourites websites/apps are:


OnePulse (there are still paid pulses available although cash outs are currently on hold)





Get Paid To Websites

These are websites where you can earn money by completing offers such as taking out free trials or creating an account with somebody.

Usually these kind of offers can take a while to become payable as they require you to stay a member for a set amount of time.

However, OhMyDosh!* have a section of their website called ‘Lightning Payouts’ which is a group of offers where you can get paid out in 3 working days.

Just remember to follow all the information carefully when completing offers to ensure they track and set reminders in your phone to cancel any memberships before they become payable.

Join OhMyDosh!* and get £1 to start you off – you only need £10 to be able to cash out. I made over £20 in my first hour, read the full review here.

20Cogs is a similar site, but you have to complete all 20 ‘cogs’ before you can claim your money, so it can take a while.


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