How to Implement Self Care on a Budget

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self care on a budget

Burn-out seems to be quite a common thing at the moment, so today I’ve got the perfect guest post to help us combat that.

The lovely Frankie from The Journey to Wellbeing, writes all about living a happier life and improving your wellbeing, so who better to tell us about self care? 

Self Care on a Budget

Self-care is a term we hear a lot! And I don’t know about you but I can see why. A car can’t keep going without refuelling and neither can we. Self-care is a broad term but it’s for everyone and anyone with the aim to improve overall health to achieve that “I am recharged and ready for life” feeling.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t opt to recharge on an exotic island so we need to go for the more realistic option. And in my opinion, it can be just as good, if not better because we can learn to adapt day to day life to factor in what we need to keep going.
So, what are these things I’m so crazily comparing to a lavish holiday….

Spend time with friends and family

Socialising can be a real mood boost and although sometimes we don’t feel like putting on a friendly face; most people notice a positive mood change from engaging with others. “But socialising often leads to spending money” *sigh*! – Yeah, everyone has that friend who does nothing but suggest things that cost dosh and it can be pretty off putting. Have a chat with the serial spenders in your life to explain you want to cut back by doing more budget activities.

What the hell are budget activities?

Budget activities can be cheap AND enjoyable – let’s get creative! Is there a field or park where you can take a picnic and some games to keep everyone entertained? Replicate sports day….but perhaps replace the egg with a bouncy ball and spoon. Or perhaps you’d like to hold a dinner party but the cost of feeding everyone is putting you off. A thought-out meal does not have to cost a lot! A big pasta bake with some garlic bread can cost as little as £11. Find your own budget activities – don’t be put off from socialising due to cost.

Sweat it out

If you’ve had enough of being around people, maybe consider walking, jogging or even swimming. The quiet, relaxation of being alone while being active might be just what you need! Being active keeps the mind and body healthy – it might initially be hard to push yourself out there but you’ll thank yourself later.

Exercise can be done in so many ways and can even be a great way to catch up with a friend. Two birds, one stone – walking and talking can let off some steam while refreshing the mind. If you need something more strenuous, there’s tons of exercise sessions on Youtube that’ll really blow the cobwebs away. Or maybe you’ve got a bike tucked away that you’ve forgotten about or some exercise equipment lying around – dust them off and put them to good use.

Pamper me up….

A good old pamper day – simple bliss! But this can be a pricey enjoyment if you’re on a budget so why not create your own pamper experience? Okay, it might not be the Hilton but lets at least give it a go. Pull together pieces you already have such as face masks, moisturiser, nail varnish etc and schedule in some time to enjoy a relaxing bath followed by some beauty treatments. Perhaps you have a friend or even partner that would like to exchange treatments!

Retail therapy

Shopping doesn’t have to go out the window either…it just has to be done on a budget. So, we need to think sales, charity shops, social media, car boot sales and Ebay. Some of my favourite items were bought on a tight budget and are second-hand but you’d never guess it! We are surrounded by people who buy things, wear them once and never wear them again – we can benefit from these wasters. You can still shop, it’s just gotta be more savvy!

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Switch off with some art & craft

Do you enjoy drawing or even colouring? Maybe it’s something you like but never get around to doing but what if you make it part of your self-care routine? Suddenly it may become more doable if it’s for the purpose of re-energising. Art & craft is incredibly vast – maybe you don’t like drawing but you enjoy knitting or would like to learn something new, such as macramé or embroidery.

I personally enjoy scrap booking or creating a personalised photo album. There’s something very therapeutic about crafting and the time flies by. Again, there are a whole load of online tips for inspiration and guidance to develop your skills. Get creative and collect items you find, think leaves, twigs, string and see what you can pull together. A lovely activity to do alone or one to enjoy with the family.

Get lost in the world of books

What type of book helps you unwind? A magical encounter or a real life tale; what better way to kick back and let your mind wander away. Find something uplifting that leaves you feeling inspired and hungry for more. And where would you like to read this book? Are you able to easily chill out on the sofa or needing to hide in the cupboard from the kids? Allocate some time to allow yourself to immerse yourself without disruption.

Listen to a Podcast

If focus is a struggle, how’s about a podcast! During the car journey, in the bath or even whilst making dinner – a podcast can weave its way into your life whatever way you feel fit. Fearne Cottons – Happy Place comes recommended but there’s a whole bunch to choose from. Check them out.

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The refreshment of greenery

Have you got an area for some gardening? Huge space, tiny space – it doesn’t matter! Gardening is a good way to get outside, soak up some fresh air and create something to feel proud of. There are some bargain options to purchase what you need – such as starting with seeds from a store like Wilkinson’s. These don’t cost a lot and are much cheaper than local gardening centres.

Listen to yourself

The most important thing is to listen to yourself! What is your body telling you it needs? It might take some work to find out what recharges your batteries so explore different options until you hit the nail on the head. It could be as simple as a coffee with a supportive mate. Or you might want to try out something new like yoga or meditation. There’s likely to be classes nearby but as I’ve said before, you’ll find free sessions online or apps which still get the job done. And some relaxing music might help things along. My mum loves classical music to calm her mind – not my kinda thing but it works for her. And that’s what it’s all about – what works for you? But be consistent; self-care needs ongoing commitment. Good luck!

“Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” – Katie Reed

self care on a budget

self care on a budget

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