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Sometimes in life, there are times when you just need cash NOW. You can be the best budgeter in the world with an emergency fund but there can still be instances when you just need to put your hands to cash quickly. Here are a list of quick ways to get cash in your hand.

Search Your House

This might seem like a stupid one to include but the first step should always be to see what you’ve already got. How many times have you put on a pair of jeans and found a note folded in a pocket? Or swapped to a handbag you haven’t used in a while to find a cheeky tenner in the back pocket?

Good places to look:
– Smash jars and money boxes – sometimes I’ll start saving for something with good intentions and shovel a load of money into a pot only to quickly forget about it.
– Handbags, Purses and Wallets
– Coats and Jacket pockets
– In the car
– Suitcases and overnight bags
– Your gym bag
– In your mobile phone case
– Junk drawers
– Trinket boxes and pots

Bank Loose Change

Similar to the above, you might already have a sizeable amount of money lying around just in the form of small change. Count up your penny pots and swipe any loose change you find lying about the house. Count it all up and take it to the bank – don’t take it to a Coinstar or Money Machine in a supermarket as you’ll lose a percentage of your money in commission.

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Car Boot Sale

A bit more effort than the above points, but consider having a boot sale – not only can you clear lots of junk and clutter from your home, you can get physical cash in your hand. Do a search on Google or Facebook for local car boots – you can find a variety of sales in your local area on all different days of the week. There are also more and more indoor and undercover sales now too meaning you don’t have to wait for Spring to roll around.


Not quite as instant as the car boot, but if you price a listing fair enough people will snap it up fairly quickly. Better still they come and collect it and pay you in cash – no fees or waiting around for payments.

Sell Your Gold/Silver

The price of gold and silver is still high so if you’ve got old jewellery lying around go and get it weighed. You might be surprised just how valuable it is. And because it’s priced on weight, you can also take broken jewellery too. You can usually find a gold buyer in shopping centres but a quick google should tell you where you can go locally.

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I only recommend cash4clothes if you need fast money and as a last resort as the prices offered are miniscule. Typically you’ll find you can get around 50p per kilo of clothes, but lots of these places also take bric-a-brac, old sheets and curtains and soft toys too.

Exchange Foreign Currency

Got some leftover currency in a draw from your last holiday? Take it in and exchange it back to £. You can change FX in certain bank branches, post offices and travel agents, so have a look and see what’s near you.

Old Money

If you have old money that has been out of circulation for a few years, it is not worthless.
The more recent changes like £1 coins and £5 and £10 notes you can still swap in Banks. Anything older than that you can post to the bank of England and they will pay you by bank transfer. I found an old £20 note in the attic which had been out of circulation since 2010, I printed and filled in a form from the BoE, posted it off and had the money transferred to me within 10 working days. Find more information here.

Hopefully that’s given you some ideas you can use to put your hands to money quickly. If you have a bit more time on your hands there’s a whole plethora of other blog posts with ways to make money – find them all here.


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