8 Quick Tips to Get Started with Ebay

get started with ebay
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Whether you’re paying down debt or saving towards a goal, eBay is a great place to turn to try and make some extra money. If you’re new and haven’t sold on the platform before, here are a few things to consider to get you started with eBay.

Buy packaging in advance

You might not have made any sales yet, but you will! Instead of stressing and rushing to buy supplies when you’ve made a sale, buy some supplies in advance. I use large letter size mailing sacks which I buy in bulk from amazon – they’re cheap and self seal so you can literally pop your item inside and not have to faff around with wrapping. Obviously this depends on what you are selling, but for clothing is it totally acceptable.

Include as many key words in your listing title as possible

Think about what you would search for as a buyer. Include the basics such as the brand, style, colour and size but also think of unique features. Does it have fringing? What pattern is it? Is it an oversized fit? Including a more diverse range of key words will open your listing up to a wider audience and increase your chances of a sale.

Take bright, clear pictures

Take your photos against a light background in natural lighting if possible. Remove any clutter from the background as it distracts away from the item. Take pictures from all different angles and take close ups of any special features or flaws.

Write an honest description

If the fabric itches – say that, if it fits more like an 8 than a 12 – say that – by being honest you reduce the risk of returns and negative feedback. Don’t gloss over any flaws.

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Research your prices

Do a sold listings search and see what similar items have sold for  to get an idea of how to price your own listing. You can use the website Final Fee Calc to work out how much you’ll pay in fees which is also a useful tool when deciding on a price.

Know your postage

Weigh your item on your weighing scales and make sure you’re charging the correct postage for the method you’ve chosen. If an item is heavy or has large/awkward dimensions check out your postal method sizing guides to ensure you are charging correctly, these royal mail sizing guides are handy. If you charge £3 for a small parcel, which is actually a medium parcel, you could be looking at a hefty cost gap to bridge.

List regularly

You don’t have to list every day, but don’t do one big batch of listings and forget about it. Ebay likes active sellers. The more you list, the more likely your listings are to be seen. If you want, you could draft a big batch of listings and just go in and make a few live each day if you don’t have time to create a complete listing from scratch each day – don’t use the scheduling tool though – you will have to pay for that.

Experiment with listing formats

If the sales don’t roll in immediately, don’t get disheartened. Play around with different length auctions and buy it now or best offer listings and see what works best for you. I like to use BIN with best offer, but if I’ve had an item listed for a while with little interest then I might relist it as a lower priced auction to encourage a quick sale. Ebay quite often offers ‘Pay max £1 fees’ weekends. During this time you can list auctions for 1 or 3 days without paying too.

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Happy Selling!

Now you know the basics, it’s time to put in into action and get started with eBay. Not only will the extra money help you toward your financial goals, you’ll clear your home of clutter in the process, win-win!

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