Could You Benefit from a Free Financial Planning Session?

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financial planning
Collaborative Post with CISI

When we think about taking control of our finances, we often look at the here and now – we review our spending, create a budget and pop a little money into our savings. And that is great! But what about the longer term? Have you given your financial future much thought?

It can be easy to put it off, especially in your 20’s. For years, I’ve paid the bare minimum into my workplace pension and made no efforts to look into it any further by reassuring myself that it was a long way off and I could do it later. Now I’m in my 30’s, the future is something that I’m much more conscious of and I’m starting to take steps towards educating myself more and making a plan. So many of us think that being auto-enrolled into a pension is all we need, but there is so much more to consider beyond that.

And it can be totally overwhelming. There’s so much information out there and differing opinions about what you should and shouldn’t do which makes it even harder to make sense of. And that’s where Financial Planning comes in. You can know in your head what is important to you and the long term goals you want to achieve, but you might not be sure exactly what you need to put in place to get there.

So, could you benefit from a free financial planning session?

financial planning

What is Financial Planning?

This week 7th-11th October is Financial Planning Week and the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI) are marking it by offering UK consumers a free 1 hour session with a Certified Financial Planner.

Financial Planners are certified professionals who can help us to plan for our financial future and help us to achieve financial goals. They can guide us through our goals and advise us what steps we need to take to get there – it could be putting wills in place to protect our families if the worst should happen – it isn’t just about pensions.

You might think of a Financial Planner as someone who helps you to make decisions about a specific product like which mortgage to take out or which ISA is best but that is more the realm of a Financial Advisor. Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you make sensible decisions about money that can help you achieve your goals in life.

You start by working out your short term to long term goals and then think about what it’ll cost to achieve them. Once you know exactly what it is you want to achieve,  you can put a plan in place for your finances to work towards those goals. Once you have a plan, you can begin to implement it, and from then on you can monitor and review it to make sure you’re still on track and make any adjustments as necessary.

How do I Claim my Free Session?

To claim your free Financial Planning session visit the CISI website or call 020 7645 0777 to find a participating Financial Planner near you.

The free, one-hour money management sessions Financial planning firms will be offering:

You don’t have to be nearing retirement to benefit from the advice – the Certified Financial Planning professionals are qualified to offer financial guidance to people of all ages at differing stages of life.

financial planning

You’ve got nothing to lose by taking advantage of this free session. Claim yours here

financial planning

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