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March 27, 2019

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Surveys Sites – while they’re never going to make you rich, they’re one of my favourite ways to make money when you have a spare few minutes, instead of mindlessly scrolling through the same social media feeds (which I can definitely be guilty of!)

Though lots of people say they are a waste of your time for the little reward/time ratio, I definitely think they can be worth a few minutes of your day. Though some definitely outrank others.

What is Enlightly?

Enlightly is a relatively new find for me. It does seem to be undergoing constant improvements but as such the app is only currently available on iOS -though their website does say that it’s coming soon to Android.


The payment threshold is £5. Currently you can cash out directly to your bank or Paypal, but they are working on a donate to charity feature and also other rewards including subscriptions. At the moment though, it’s just cash – but that’s my preference anyway!


They don’t have a referral scheme as it’s in it’s early days but I wouldn’t be surprised if this feature became available in the future.

How it Works

When a round of questions becomes available, you’ll be given a series of quick fire questions which just require a one word click answer. Each question is worth 5p. When you first join, you will have ‘active missions’. The first mission is answer 50 questions – and on completion you’ll get a £2.50 bonus. The second is answer 100 questions – and for that you get a £7.50 bonus.


The app is well designed, user friendly and the questions quick and easy. You don’t have to complete an entire round to receive a reward – you’re paid for each answer, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t complete all possible questions in the round, as you’ll be paid as you go. The pay out threshold is quite low compared to other survey sites at just £5.


There aren’t any notifications when a new round of questions becomes available – so you have to check the app. The frequency of questions isn’t as good as some other sites either.


In conclusion, it’s not the best but it’s definitely not the worst. In 2 months I have cashed out £17.80 – but it’s been seriously little effort and so it’ll stay in my daily checklist.

enlightly review

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enlightly review

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