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Everything you ever needed to know or wanted to ask about selling on eBay, you’ll find here!

I’ve been selling my old stuff on eBay for over 10 years and I briefly dabbled in reselling during that time too.

Selling on eBay is one of my favourite ways to make extra money.

If I want to find more money to put towards my goals, I have a good old declutter and sell on eBay.

Selling on eBay has given me cash-flow in tough times when I otherwise might’ve had to reach for a credit card.

Got a question? I’ve probably asked it myself somewhere down the line.

Feeling frustrated? I’ve been there too.

Made a mistake? Yep, so have I.

I’m not saying I’m an expert… but I do have a pretty well-rounded experience of selling on eBay.

So if you want to get started but are not sure how, have tried and failed to successfully use eBay in the past or simply need some tips to improve your listings – I’ve got an article for you.

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Tips for Selling on eBay

These tips have helped me make my eBay selling journey easier. Over the years, I’ve found systems that work well for me and ways of doing things that save time and keep me organised.

Hopefully, they can do the same for you too.

Getting Started

8 Quick Tips to Get Started with Ebay

Tips for New eBay Sellers

8 Useful Tried and Tested Tips For New Ebay Sellers

Selling Clothes on eBay

Selling Clothes On Ebay – 10 Tips to Increase your Sales

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Places To Sell Clothes

A-Z Guide of Clothing Brands That Sell Well on Ebay

‘How To’ Guides to Selling on eBay

Creating Your Listings

How To Search Sold Listings – Ebay For Beginners

Ebay Pricing Strategies – Ebay For Beginners

How To Photograph Clothes For Ebay – Ebay For Beginners

Getting More Sales

How To Send Offers To Buyers – Ebay For Beginners

After Sales

Postage Options – Ebay For Beginners

Ebay Packaging Options – Ebay For Beginners

How to Save Time Sending Ebay Parcels

Understanding eBay Fees – Ebay For Beginners

Reselling on eBay

Reselling on Ebay – A Beginners Guide

Ebay Successes and Ebay Fails – Our Experiences

Miscellaneous eBay Articles

Do Baby Clothes Sell On Ebay And Is It Worth It?

Ebay Frustrations – Seller’s Biggest Gripes

Ebay Mistakes I’ve Made and How You Can Avoid Them

Rubbish You Didn’t Know You Could Sell on Ebay

Free Printables

Ebay Tips Printable (black and white)


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