[AD] Earn Rewards with Esso Nectar and the Esso App

Esso Nectar
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Esso Nectar

AD – Partnership with Esso Nectar

Once our monthly bills are paid, fuel is our biggest variable expense. In fact, we spend more on petrol each week than we do on our food shop!

My husband is a full time student in University and he spends two hours a day commuting, up to 4 times a week. This means that we are constantly filling the tank and as we live quite remotely, there’s not much we can do to reduce that cost.

We can make that money go further though, and one way we do that is by earning rewards on our fuel spend.

Esso Nectar is a loyalty scheme that was recently launched where you can collect Nectar Points at participating Esso Fuel Stations. Luckily for me, there’s one bang outside my workplace so every time I fill up my tank I ensure I’m building those points.

To maximise the rewards, I also make my husband swipe my card so that I earn points on his fuel spends too.

We can easily get 40-50+ points a week on petrol alone, but in addition if we spend any money in the shop – we earn even more!

As December is quickly approaching, we are building our points and saving them to exchange later. They will come in so handy to help toward the cost of the festive season – that’s for sure.

Esso Nectar

What is it?

As I mentioned above, Esso Nectar is the new loyalty scheme which Esso stations launched in June 2019. At participating stations, you’ll be able to earn Nectar Points on your fuel spends and on purchases in store too when you swipe your Nectar Card.

There is also an app available to download on your smartphone. You can use the app to connect your Nectar Card to collect points automatically and to pay for your fuel quickly and easily.

How to Earn Rewards

For every 1 litre of fuel purchased you will earn 1 Nectar Point. But you can increase your earning power by making purchases in the shop too. For every £1 you spend in store, you’ll earn 2 Nectar Points. You’ll also earn 2 Nectar Points for each £1 you spend at the carwash.

As a bonus, you can earn 500 Nectar Points on your first fill after installing and using the app (make sure to connect your Nectar card first).

You can also earn rewards and bonus points through different offers which you can view on the ‘offers’ tab on the app.

Esso App User Information


The app is available to download on Android and iPhone. (click here to download).

Payment from the app is available at selected Esso stations – you can find your nearest here: https://essofuelfinder.co.uk/en_gb

You can pay via PayPal or Apple Pay.

Setting up the App

Installing the app is very straightforward. Once you’ve downloaded and registered your details you need to register a payment method (for paying for fuel from the app).

Then you can input your Nectar Card number so that you can automatically earn points when you pay.

You are also given the option to set a max fuelling amount (you can change this at any time).

Navigating the App

There are five tabs at the bottom of the app screen.


This is where you locate your station and pay for your fuel.

The app will autolocate your station or if it is unable to find you, you can scan the QR code on the fuel pump.


Station is a maps feature which will show you all your nearest stations from your location.

You can filter down to show only the stations that accept payment via the app too.


This section is regularly updated with offers and quick wins, plus ways to earn bonus Nectar Points.


This is where you can view your transaction history and VAT receipts.


In the more section there are a few more options:

  • Tell a Friend
  • Account (where you can update your details, settings, payment method and Nectar Card number)
  • Products & Information – for further info on Esso Nectar and Esso Fuels
  • Help – where you can view Frequently Asked Questions and contact information

Benefits of Esso Nectar & the Esso App

No Queuing

The greatest benefit of the Esso app for me personally is having the ability to fill up and pay from the app. Once you’re done, that’s it – just go!

The cashiers will automatically be notified that you have paid using the app, so there’s no need to go in store if you’re just buying fuel.

And as your Nectar card is already connected, you don’t need to have your card swiped to get your points either (so it doesn’t matter if you forget your Nectar card).

Set Max Filling Amount

Another great benefit is the ability to set your own required max filling amount. Not just for peace of mind, but as a budgeting tool too.

You can choose a max amount that you are allowed to spend in one transaction on the app (if you don’t set one, it’ll default to £100).

Doing this means you won’t see pre-authorisations on your bank account for more than the amount you set and the pump will automatically slow down and stop a £1 or £2 before you reach the amount you set, to ensure you stay under your limit.

Receipts Stored

You can access your transaction history and view VAT receipts from the ‘history’ tab in the app. This is great as it reduces paper clutter and if you need VAT receipts for your own records they are easily accessible.

In App Offers

Having the app installed means you have access to additional offers which can increase your potential for collecting points.


Fuel is one of those expenses that the majority of us can’t do without, so the Esso Nectar loyalty programme is a great way of rewarding us for the things we need to spend money on and ultimately, allowing us to save money towards the things we do want to spend our money on.

Between 5th November 2019 and 26thFebruary 2020, Esso customers can benefit from a Nectar points double up, helping to make the everyday more rewarding for drivers.

For every qualifying purchase of £5 or more on shop items such as milk or snacks at participating Esso Stations, customers will receive double the amount of Nectar points, simply by swiping their Nectar card at the till when they pay.

You can download the app here.

Terms and Conditions Apply

Esso Nectar

Esso Nectar

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