Declutter Project – How Did I Get On In May?

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At the end of March, I decided enough was enough and it was time to get the house under control once and for all. Since we moved in 2 years ago, there are only 2 rooms in the house that I’m relatively (though not completely) happy with. And I thought it’s time to switch up the negative thinking and turn our home into a space that I love, that brings us contentment and that we can relax in, because all it does at the moment is stress me out. Everywhere I turn there’s something that bugs me; if it isn’t the decor, the scuffed walls, the scratched floors or the wrecked blinds, it’s the clutter and chaos that seems to mount up over and over again.

So what did I decide to do about it? I decided to take action and set a goal – not a ‘wishful thinking’ kind of goal, but an actionable plan that will allow me to achieve the results I’m after.

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The Declutter Project

Aim: To tackle the entire house, room by room. Remove items that are not loved nor needed. Selling where possible and donating/recycling/trashing where not.

Focus Areas:
Attic Cubby
Attic Room
Elise’s Room
Our Bedroom
Landing Cupboard
Living/Dining Room

Items to sell – list and store in the airing cupboard
Items to get rid of – straight in the car

Timescale: Complete by the end of September (6 months)

The End Goal

– A clutter free environment that is easy to maintain
– Less time spent cleaning and tidying
– Everything in it’s place so we never have to go looking for something
– Not feeling overwhelmed or stressed when I enter a room
– A calm space to relax in
– A blank canvas so we can decorate and have it how we want it
– A system to maintain the amount of stuff we allow into our home
– A functional, family home

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Declutter Project May Review

So how did I get on in May? Well to be honest, I didn’t make massive headway on the decluttering front. I’ve still been listing and selling on ebay but I didn’t fully complete any one area this month. The biggest change in the house was the kitchen makeover. I FINALLY got around to painting the cupboards and the difference is huge. I actually really love it and am so pleased with the end result.

This is the before:

The beech units felt dated and cheap and really didn’t do the beautiful black subway tiles any justice. As we don’t have any direct light into the kitchen it just felt really dark and dingy.

This is the after:

It feels so much brighter and modern. The white really goes with the tiles now and the black handles makes it look sleek and ties it all together. Along with my ‘Hangry’ print that I made, this transformation cost less than £50 so I am extremely happy – I will write a full post about it soon.

But back to the declutter project – it’s chugged along, I just haven’t made massive or noticeable changes to spaces, but stuff is leaving the house and that’s the main thing. I know I’ll get there eventually. I still seem to have clothes coming out of my ears – 2 more bags left for charity and I gave a bag of maternity clothes away. I also have a black bag of baby clothes to donate. I just don’t know where all this stuff keeps coming from!

May Goals Review

List everything that’s currently in the airing cupboard

I didn’t finish this – mainly because I kept adding to it! But I did get more stuff listed and sales are going well so I am pleased with the progress.

Finish our bedroom

Again, I didn’t finish this – our bedroom isn’t too bad, so I should’ve got it done – there’s not that many spaces in there left to tackle so I just need to get on with it.

Sort the landing cupboard

Didn’t touch this one and it needs attention! It’s chaos in there and I just keep shutting the door on it. It’s crammed full with shoes and all Luke’s paramedic related kit. Ideally I’d like it just to store his uniform and equipment. We have a shoe rack downstairs and a hanging rack each in the bedroom – that should be more than enough, we definitely need to get rid of lots of shoes!

June Goals

Tackle Shoes and Sort the landing cupboard

If I’m going to sort the cupboard I need to look at shoes as a whole and decide what we actually need to keep, what we wear and what we’re hanging on to for the sake of it. I need to install some heavy duty hooks to organise Luke’s uniform (I’ve tried stick on ones and they’re no good) and make sure the cupboard stays tidy. It’s a weird and awkward shape, so when it’s got too much in it, it’s hard to get to what you need so I literally just want it to house his work stuff.

Have a Boot Sale

I don’t know how realistic this one is as we have a pretty hectic June – 3 family birthdays, father’s day and a 1st birthday party off the top of my head! Plus Luke starts his next placement which will mean night shifts again. But I’ve got some stuff which is not ideal for selling on ebay but I know would sell so it’d be good to create some space and have a few extra pennies. We’ll see how it goes!


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declutter project may

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