Declutter Project – How Did I Get On In June?

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The Declutter Project June Review
At the end of March, I decided enough was enough and it was time to get the house under control once and for all. So what did I decide to do? I decided to take action and set a goal – not a ‘wishful thinking’ kind of goal, but an actionable plan that would allow me to achieve the results I’m after.

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The Declutter Project

Aim: To tackle the entire house, room by room. Remove items that are not loved nor needed. Selling where possible and donating/recycling/trashing where not.

Focus Areas:
Attic Cubby
Attic Room
Elise’s Room
Our Bedroom
Landing Cupboard
Living/Dining Room

Items to sell – list and store in the airing cupboard
Items to get rid of – straight in the car

Timescale: Complete by the end of September (6 months)

The End Goal

– A clutter free environment that is easy to maintain
– Less time spent cleaning and tidying
– Everything in it’s place so we never have to go looking for something
– Not feeling overwhelmed or stressed when I enter a room
– A calm space to relax in
– A blank canvas so we can decorate and have it how we want it
– A system to maintain the amount of stuff we allow into our home
– A functional, family home

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Declutter Project June Review

Can you believe I’m already halfway through? The past three months have flown by in a blur and I’m not where I thought I would be by now, so I need to really pull my socks up in July!

The biggest achievement this month was getting the attic in order. We got rid of masses of empty cardboard boxes and rubbish, condensed all the eBay stuff into boxes and stored neatly away ready to be listed. I created an eBay photography corner with some old white sheets, a voile and my mannequin and I also created a play area for Elise so that she can come upstairs with me during the day and I don’t just have to wait until nap time to get some listings up.

I also relocated my printer and postage basket back upstairs which makes more sense now as it’s all in one place and the room is safe for Elise to join me if I need to package parcels.

Elsewhere in the house, I got rid of our drinks unit, which I also relocated to the attic – we need shelving up there and we don’t in the living room so it made total sense. If you caught my living room tour on IGTV I think you’ll agree the area looks much more calm and clutter free now!

June Goals Review

Tackle Shoes and Sort the Landing Cupboard

Nope. Didn’t happen!

Have a Boot Sale

Yay, I did this! I honestly didn’t think I’d fit one in this month, it’s been crazy but somehow we managed it.

We had two glorious days last week so my Mother in Law (probably fed up of me whinging about clutter haha) roped me into it and we made in total £40.90 (after £5 pitch fee). Not a brilliant amount of money made, but it’s stuff out of the house which is what I want at the moment! I think a lot of it was to do with the weather – it was BOILING and most people were probably off somewhere else to enjoy it. Still, it’s money we didn’t have before and we enjoyed the day out.

July Goals

List Higher Value Items on Ebay

We’ve got a couple of sport cameras and watches that we no longer use so I’d like to get them listed this month and possibly look at selling my wedding dress too. The small sales keep trickling in but I really need to start seeing some decent money come in.

Declutter Utility Cupboard

Probably the smallest cupboard in the house but full of rubbish! This shouldn’t take long, I just need to do it.

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The Declutter Project June Review

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