Declutter Project – How Did I Get On In April?

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declutter project

At the end of March, I decided enough was enough and it was time to get the house under control once and for all. Since we moved in 2 years ago, there are only 2 rooms in the house that I’m relatively (though not completely) happy with. And I thought it’s time to switch up the negative thinking and turn our home into a space that I love, that brings us contentment and that we can relax in, because all it does at the moment is stress me out. Everywhere I turn there’s something that bugs me; if it isn’t the decor, the scuffed walls, the scratched floors or the wrecked blinds, it’s the clutter and chaos that seems to mount up over and over again.

So what did I decide to do about it? I decided to take action and set a goal – not a ‘wishful thinking’ kind of goal, but an actionable plan that will allow me to achieve the results I’m after.

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The Declutter Project

Aim: To tackle the entire house, room by room. Remove items that are not loved nor needed. Selling where possible and donating/recycling/trashing where not.

Focus Areas:
Attic Cubby
Attic Room
Elise’s Room
Our Bedroom
Landing Cupboard
Living/Dining Room

Items to sell – list and store in the airing cupboard
Items to get rid of – straight in the car

Timescale: Complete by the end of September (6 months)

The End Goal

– A clutter free environment that is easy to maintain
– Less time spent cleaning and tidying
– Everything in it’s place so we never have to go looking for something
– Not feeling overwhelmed or stressed when I enter a room
– A calm space to relax in
– A blank canvas so we can decorate and have it how we want it
– A system to maintain the amount of stuff we allow into our home
– A functional, family home

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April Review

So how did I get on in April? To be honest, I didn’t think I had done that much but when I came to review the individual spaces I’d marked out in detail I found that I hadn’t done as badly as I’d thought.
One room is complete – okay, it’s the ‘mudroom’ (the small entrance from the back garden where our shoes/coats and fridge lives – plus other rubbish that always accumulates) but it’s probably one space that I’ve been avoiding most. Although it’s a small area, it’s dirty – it’s where we take our muddy shoes off. It’s where we dry the dog off. It’s where said dog wags his muddy tail before he is dry and gets mud all over the walls/doors etc. You get the idea.

I reviewed what was in the shoe rack and limited it to current wears, walking shoes and gym shoes – and took everything else upstairs. This means that there’s enough space in the cabinet for shoes to not be left on the floor. I decluttered the coat rack, removing a coat of mine to sell and relocating light jackets to our wardrobes upstairs. Now the back door can comfortably open without bouncing off the overloaded coat rack. I also cleared a drawer in our bedroom and took all hats, scarves and gloves upstairs.

Dog accessories now have a home and aren’t just dumped on the windowsill and I relocated the recycle bin to outside the back door to ensure that a.) it’s regularly emptied and b.) it’s not stinking up the room.

Finally I gave every surface a thorough clean. Which took nearly 2 hours! But the effort was worth it. It looks clean and functional, rather than dirty and cluttered – which is the aim afterall! Once I’ve finished this project, the mudroom will be getting a makeover – the previous owners painted it green which I hate, so that will be going!

Elsewhere in the house, I decluttered the majority of our bedroom. My dressing table and toiletry/makeup stash was absurd – despite recently doing it and the fact that I barely wear makeup anyway! I scaled it right back, donating what I could and binning the rest. I removed the acrylic drawers from the table top and used a drawer divider to sort products in the actual drawers. The surface is no longer cluttered and the drawers are organised. It’s easier to find what I’m looking for and to maintain when I’m getting ready each day.

On the selling front, I’ve managed to sell a few bits, but didn’t put near the amount of effort into listing as I promised myself I would. So that’s a goal for May. The airing cupboard is pretty full, so I need to make some headway or there won’t be room for any more progress – if I can’t get my backside in gear to sell, then it’ll just have to go.

May Goals

– List everything that’s currently in the airing cupboard
– Finish our bedroom
– Sort the landing cupboard


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