August Side Hustle Income Report

August 31, 2018

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*This post may contain affiliate links.

Well, August is officially over and with that marks one month of my money making journey and one month until my return to work. I honestly can’t believe how quickly this year has gone and August just disappeared in front of my eyes. This month, our little girl turned 8 months and we’ve officially booked her 1st birthday party, which is just mind boggling.

But anyway, enough of that – you’re here to see how I got on with earning extra income in August.
As August was the first month, I didn’t want to go in all guns blazing and set unrealistic targets only to get overwhelmed and quit, so I set the bar low with a fairly achievable £200, £100 of which was to come from my personal ebay sales.

Why Am I Reporting My Income?

To hold me accountable. So that in a few months time I can look back and hopefully see how far I’ve come. Because I love reading income reports (big or small) and because I know it’s human nature that we’re all inherently nosy and you probably love reading them too! To give me a chance to evaluate the month that has passed and think about which side hustles are worthwhile going forward, and which are not worth my time.

What Does This Report Include?

My monthly total will be the total cash I’ve actually received including ebay profits – so sales after fees. You might have heard me mention before that I have two ebays – this report will only include my personal ebay sales.
I want to see how much extra physical cash I have in my pocket, so it will not include balances sat on survey sites. Including a £11 balance on survey site with a payout of £50 is a bit misleading in my opinion… and chances are I might have even given up on that site before reaching the threshold so not including it seems most logical to me.

August Side Income Total: £153.46

Ebay Profits: £74.34
Facebook Sales: £10
DVDs: £7.60
Survey Sites: £60.47
Cashback: £1.05


Well that was a bit underwhelming wasn’t it? Haha. In all fairness though I didn’t put much effort in and know that I can do better. I need to investigate other avenues as I’m largely focusing on survey sites (which are time consuming for little reward) and ebay (I’ll eventually run out of things to sell!). I have a little side venture in the pipeline, but it needs a little work before I’m confident enough to start sharing it. Watch this space!

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