Survey Sites – The Ultimate Guide to the Best Paying Sites and Apps

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Survey sites – you either love them or hate them. I think I love and hate them in equal measures. I know that they will never make you rich and there are definitely better side hustles out there to focus your time and energy on, but even so, I am not giving up on them just yet.

Survey sites are great for those periods of ‘dead time’ – when you’re on public transport, your lunch break at work, waiting for an appointment etc. They’re a great alternative to aimlessly scrolling through social media and earning some extra pennies in the process.

I posted on Instagram recently about the survey sites I check on a daily basis and had lots of questions about it since then, so thought it would be useful to create a round up post with all the information in one place. I have written detailed, individual posts on some of these, which I will link to if you need any further information.

If I have missed anything or you have any other questions – get in touch, I am always happy to help if I can.

The Survey Sites I currently check daily:


Type: App
Threshold: £0
Refer a friend: No

Pros – Instant payout, short surveys (usually just a few questions)
Cons – Infrequent surveys

You need to check the app for surveys – you won’t be alerted when a new, paid survey becomes available. Rewards paid instantly to PayPal

Read more about CitizenMe here

Curious Cat

Type: App
Threshold: £1
Refer a friend: No

Pros – Low payment threshold, small reward for screened out surveys (1 point), frequent surveys, quick payment
Cons – Screened out of a lot of surveys

You need to check the app for surveys – sometimes you’ll receive a notification but most of the time you won’t. Curious Cat uses a points system 1 point = 1p. You need 100 points to cash out. Cash out via PayPal.

Read more about Curious Cat here


Type: App
Threshold: £5
Refer a friend: No

Pros – quick questions to answer, no long surveys, not screened out.
Cons – very infrequent surveys

You need to check the app for new surveys as you’re not notified when they become available. Cash out to Bank or Paypal.


Type: App & Website
Threshold: £25
Refer a friend: Yes

Pros – Regular surveys, prescreening questions so you don’t get screened out, surveys are relatively quick to complete
Cons – High payment threshold, slow payments

If you already signed up to Onepoll some time ago and have just started using it again, you might have to hit the old payment threshold of £40 before you get the £25 payment threshold.
You need to check for surveys regularly, there are often multiple surveys throughout the day. Payment is slow and can take weeks to be approved after cash out – but they do pay. So far I’ve been paid £120 (but I haven’t used it consistently until this year).


Type: Website
Threshold: £5
Refer a friend: No

Pros – quick and easy to complete, low payment threshold
Cons – there’s a limit to the number of questions issued each week

Pollpass is relatively new and unique. The questions are asked in messenger format so as such are fun and quick to complete. There are a number of questions issued each week, so just log in periodically and check what’s available. Cash out is fairly quick.


Type: Website
Threshold: £50
Refer a friend: No

Pros – good survey values, less screen outs than most sites
Cons – high payment threshold, payment by cheque

You can’t log in and check for available surveys – they are sent out through email and accessed via a link in the email – make sure you check your emails often as they usually close within a day or two.

Read more about Populuslive here

Prolific Academic

Type: Website
Threshold: £5
Refer a friend: Yes (join here)

Pros – by far best time/money ratio, quick pay out, regular studies
Cons – can be hit and miss – sometimes there’s no studies for days. Studies can fill up quickly.

Note – “We’re turning off our participant referral scheme on March 14th. Existing participant referrals will be honoured until May 12th”

By far my favourite and most fruitful – you occasionally will be emailed that a survey is available but your best chance is logging in and checking. I tend to leave the browser open as it automatically refreshes and shows new surveys when they become available. Cash out quickly via PayPal.

Read more about Prolific Academic here


Type: App & Website
Threshold: £0
Refer a friend: Yes (join using this link and we will share the referral reward)

Pros – no payment threshold, regular surveys, immediate payment when requested
Cons – lots of screen outs, sometimes you can complete a survey and the reward doesn’t register, quite often take much longer to do than the stated time.

When I first started using Qmee, I quickly built my balance up to £15 (within a week). Recently I’ve found it very frustrating to use and so only tend to check it on my lunch break when I’ve checked everything else. You can get notifications when a new survey is available but it’s unreliable – it’s much easier to check and refresh the app.

Read more about Qmee here


Type: App & Website
Threshold: £15
Refer a friend: Yes

Pros – easy to use app, decent survey values, survey notifications
Cons – when you’re close to cashing out surveys tend to dry up (for me at least!), cash out takes up to 3 weeks.

I like the format of the app and the user friendliness but it took me months to earn the final 25p I needed to cash out. Cash out via bank payment within 3 weeks.


Type: App & Website
Threshold: £12
Refer a friend: Yes

Pros – surveys are relatively short, email notification when surveys are available
Cons – infrequent surveys, app is not very good – use the website.

Not a favourite of mine but I keep it on the list as the payment threshold isn’t huge.


Type: App
Threshold: £5
Refer a friend: No

Pros – quick, easy to answer ‘steers’
Cons – takes a while to reach 10,000 points

There aren’t any notifications when new steers are available but people often share in their Instagram stories when some become available. I tend to check this a couple of times a day. It took me 3 months to reach my first cash out, but payment was fast via PayPal.

Read more about VPYR here


Type: App
Threshold: £50
Refer a friend: Yes

Pros – survey notifications, no screen outs
Cons – high payment threshold, irregular surveys (in my opinion)

A lot of people sing the praises of YouGov but quite frankly it’s one of my least favourites. I’ve been a member for 6 months and I’m not even close to halfway despite seeing other people cash out frequently – maybe it’s just me!


I don’t track these or check them daily like the survey sites and apps but I’ve included them in this post because a few people mentioned them on instagram.


Type: Website
Threshold: £10
Refer a friend: Yes

Pros – quick payments, excellent refer a friend scheme, good offers
Cons – once you’ve completed a few initial good offers, the new offers added seem to be less frequent and lower in value

I love Ohmydosh! It’s very easy to hit the payment threshold and their referral scheme is brilliant. I’ve cash out over £120 since mid-December.

Read more about Ohmydosh! here


Type: Website
Refer a friend: Yes

20cogs is similar to Ohmydosh! in the way that you complete offers to earn cash. However, you must complete all 20cogs before you can cash out. That said, when people do reach the cash out level I’ve seen them withdrawing in excess of £200. I haven’t completed all 20cogs myself yet, so can’t comment on payment.

Also Recommended

I don’t personally have much experience with these, so they’re not included in my list yet – but here are some of the other survey sites which were recommended on Instagram.

Swagbucks, InstaGC, Pinecone Research




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    Definitely one of my favourite ways to earn money on the side. Great round-up! x

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      Thanks Emma! 🙂

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