January Goals

Hello 2019! I am so excited for this year, I shared with you my goals for the whole year here but to stay motivated and accountable I’ll be breaking them down into smaller, monthly goals too.

Here’s my goals for January:

Financial Goals

  • Save £476.19Towards my £10k by September 2020 target.
  • Overpay the Mortgage by £500To meet my long term goal of mortgage freedom by 40, we need to overpay the mortgage by at least £500 a month.
  • Make £1000 in side hustlesEbay, Matched Betting, Surveys and anything and everything else! I’d like to make £1k from side hustles to throw at my other 2 goals.

Personal Goals

  • Go to the gym 3 times a weekI’m dreading this one this month. It’s New Year’s Resolution time, the gym is going to be busy and I’m always more anxious when it is. I might need to try and get earlier in the morning so that it’s quiet.
  • Read 2 booksFirst on my list is the 4 hour work week, I really need to finish it!

Family/Home Goals

  • Meal Plan and Prep every weekI’m going to schedule the weekly food shop to be delivered every sunday and set aside a few hours in the afternoon to get this done!
  • Declutter and Organise the home – Our BedroomI’m going to focus on our room this month, we both have a lot of clothes we could get rid of and it’s the room in the house that always seems to be messy so I need to get it sorted.

Katie Saves Goals

  • Post every Monday and ThursdayI want to eventually get to 3 posts a week, but since I posted so sporadically in 2018 I’m starting with 2 days a week for January.



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