October Review

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Happy Halloween Folks! This blog post is coming to you from my bed in the dark in the hopes that trick-or-treaters won’t knock my door and wake the baby up. Bah humbug.

October has been a weird month, it seems to have flown by and dragged in equal measures and I think for the most part that’s down to being back in work. My 3 working days crawl by and then I’m rushed off my feet for 4 trying to cram in all my life admin, housework and spending time with the baby when she’s not grizzly because she’s tired (post 5pm life).

Last month I was rather vague with my goal setting and didn’t put too much pressure on myself – somehow this has ignited a spark of ambition and motivation and I’ve had a pretty decent month. I finally got the confidence to believe in myself and share my blog ‘in real life’ – the thought of which would usually make me feel sick. I feel like I’ve found my stride with instagram and I’m just buzzing with ideas and things I want to do. Of course, it’s trying to make the time to do it all and I need to spend a few days working on getting ahead with scheduling so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed by it all, but I feel like I have more drive and determination to do it now.

I really wanted to get ebay in order in October and once again that hasn’t happened. Sales keep ticking along but it still needs a lot of organising and focus. I did start stock taking and creating a better stock management system and I’d say we’re about 30% there. I also went through the majority of our listings and amended the returns policy (as required by ebay) and whilst doing that massively reduced the price of stock we’ve had for ages, which did seem to yield a few more sales. I also listed a couple of bits and joined a reselling group on Facebook for a bit of encouragement and accountability.

I have gotten more involved with matched betting and refreshed my memory in some areas I’m a bit rusty on but it’s still predominantly Luke’s job. I do have a long term matched betting goal, so I’m also going to have to spend a little time tweaking the way we do and record things.

I didn’t manage to get the other side hustle moving… and I don’t know when I’ll get chance to. It’s not high on my priority list and the profit margin isn’t as big as some other side hustles… but it is something I’m more passionate about, so perhaps I need to reprioritise it.

Lastly self care – my main goal for October. I’m making progress. I’m back in the gym and starting a new program which I’m excited about. My diet isn’t brilliant so I need to work on that, but overall I’m in a much better mindset now and not really feeling anxious at all – which is something I haven’t been able to say in a long time.

Money wise, we slashed some bills, matched betting funded a night away for our 2nd wedding anniversary as well as a few other treats and a little deposit to the savings and I made nearly £30 from surveys even though I barely did any.

Overall, despite the lack of clear goals October was a good month. And I’m looking forward to seeing what else we can achieve before the year is over.


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