September Goals

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And just like that it’s September! The kids are back in school, the heating’s on and like it or loathe it we can all start thinking about Christmas. 

Last month, I hadn’t set the blog up  and posted my August Goals to Instagram. This month, I thought I’d post them here too for extra accountability and just to give a bit of a better explanation.

For August, I focused solely on financial goals (which I failed to hit, but we’ll just forget about that for now haha) but this month I decided to set some personal goals too. They’re the kind of things I mentally tell myself I’m going to do, then don’t end up doing. So I thought if I publicly acknowledge them as goals I want to achieve, then maybe I might actually do them – especially if I have to write a month review and tell you all I failed (again!).


Firstly financial goals:

  1. Make £150 on my personal eBay
  2. Make £100 from other side hustles
  3. Start 3 new side hustles

Although I didn’t quite make last months goal of £100 on my personal eBay, I’ve upped it this month because I have a lot of decluttering to do before I go back to work on 1st October, so hopefully aiming high will give me the kick up the ass I need.

I made a decent amount in August just from Surveys, so I’m hoping to do just as well this month too and hopefully make some income from the other side hustles I want to try out. I’m very close to payouts on a couple of slow burner survey sites, so I’m confident I should hit this.

The 3 new side hustles I want to try out I will go into detail about in individual posts as I think successful or not, they warrant a detailed post of their own, so stay tuned for that!

And that’s it for financials – I say ‘that’s it’ like it’s easy but eBay in particular will be challenging as I really don’t have any high value items to sell, so I’m going to have to aim for volume, which relies on how much free time I have (which doesn’t seem to be a lot lately!).


  1. Run 10k under 1 hour
  2. Gym 4 days a week
  3. Maintain morning/night skincare routine
  4. Get a haircut

So first of all we’re running a 10k on the 16th. I’d like to do it in a decent time, but that really depends on goal 2…

…going to the gym. I’ve really fallen out of love with the gym and struggling to get back into a routine with it. I did so well for months and now I just feel deflated. I’ve worked so hard, I don’t want it to be for nothing so I need to get back into it.

Since having the baby my self care has really gone down the pan, and it wasn’t great to start with! 

I ordered some new products which I’ve read rave reviews about so I want to start and maintain a consistent routine and hopefully see an improvement in my skin. 

I just look so washed out and tired all the time, it’s time to make time for me I think.

Which leads me to my last goal. You’re probably thinking ‘wtf’ but the reason this is on my list is because I hate going to the hairdressers. Beauty appointments of any kind play havoc with my anxiety (I saved a fortune on my wedding DIY’ing it haha) and as such I haven’t had a haircut since December. My hair is wild anyway and always looks a mess, but it’s worse than usual and needs sorting before I go back to work.

Hopefully September will be a more  productive month than August. Let’s do this!

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